The New York Yankees are going about their business this offseason in different way. The Yankees are no longer signing big free agent contracts, not spending money like its on fire and are focusing more on the trade market.

For a team trying to get younger, the sports market in New York and prestigious Yankees brand does not allow for much time to “rebuild.” Yankees president Randy Levine made that very clear on Tuesday at a press conference at Yankee Stadium.

“What has to be noticed here, unlike very few teams, what we’ve done, is we can’t rebuild here,’’ Levine told reporters Tuesday at Yankee Stadium, promoting the Dec. 26 New Era Pinstripe Bowl between Duke and Indiana. “That’s not what we’re about. We’re trying to win every year and we’re trying to get younger and transition. Most teams, they have two, three, four years to rebuild. We don’t do that.’’

They definitely do not.

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