Sometimes when you least expect it something truly amazing happens.  Very often we just don’t realize how amazing it is at the time, but months or years later it all makes perfect sense.  For example, a Twitter handle such as @SportSXMichelle just so happens to have ‘SXM’ at the core center but that was never part of the plan.  You see my original handle on Twitter was @MichelleSportsX and that was just because I chose to use the first name ‘Michelle’ and the last part was simply ‘SportsX’ for the radio program I worked to promote, SportSXRadio.

One night, while the host of SportSXRadio was doing a show on Sirius XM, I happened to be live doing tweets to help promote the show, and for some reason my account was suspended by Twitter.  It was one of those fluke things, and I never did quite figure out why but it mattered not because I had quick gone and set up an alternative one using the handle, @SportSXMichelle.  It was never intentional to have the ‘SXM’ in the center but after that happened I began to use that in almost everything I did because I loved how it stood for so many things – including ‘Social Media’ “Sunday Monday’ ‘Sports Marketing’ ‘Sports Music’ etc., with the ‘X’ being something that could stand for ‘X’ factor or and independent variable.

Soon after working to promote the show on Sirius XM and SportSXRadio, I would form my own sports social media business and call it SXM Social Media.  I would also invest in several domains including which I believe will one day be a hub for several independent sports/media sites. The plan will be to be something of a community for sports media sites, and would be the umbrella, in the same way there is a community banking network.  Of course, there will need to be room for . . . Stay tuned and thanks for supporting my dreams! – SXM

Everybody loves a Cinderella Story
                                              Photo of and by Michelle Sports X


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