As I look back at all the wonderful connections I’ve made through my work in sports, I’m marveled at the extensive reach of social media.  It’s not as though I ever thought I would put off pursuing my doctorate degree in public policy admin/law because I had planned to one day work in the capacity of non-profit work helping to combat misuse of power.  Crazy, how life can throw you a curve ball.  Hurricane Sandy was that curve ball for me, and although I have yet to return to my dissertation work, I’ve been blessed to meet so many wonderful people on my new path.  One of those people was Vienne Milano, just after the bombing in Boston.  I had traveled to Boston to give away Red Sox tickets because I felt terrible about what happened and I wanted to do something for someone in Boston to make that person smile.  Turned out that I made two people smile when I handed the tickets to @JustZandMe.  While there, Vienne came to the hotel I was at and introduced herself and asked me if I’d consider marketing/modeling her amazing brand of luxury thigh highs.  I knew Vienne only from Twitter and the work I had done promoting the sports talk radio show [ Sports X Radio ] because one of her models, Megan, was a huge hockey fan. It was truly an honor to meet Vienne in person.  She later traveled to Vegas during a social media campaign and I helped work the modeling expo.  Twitter is amazing!


Modeling for Vienne Milano
Modeling for Vienne Milano
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Michelle received a master's degree from Boston University in '2009. She went on to pursue a doctorate degree in public policy administration with a specialization in law. Although Michelle has completed her coursework for a doctorate in public policy administration with a specialization in law, she put her dissertation on hold to develop a sports social media business after she was asked to share about a former NFL player who had been stricken with ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Michelle's interviews of notable athletes, sports personalities, as well as, government officials has been published in a popular men's interest magazine. She has also written a column about college football for Gaming Today, and has an advice column at The Inscriber Magazine.


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