If a picture’s worth a thousand words,then a hashtag might just be priceless – @SportSXMichelle Continue to check back in the upcoming year for tips on how to maximize your reach on Twitter.

SXM Sports Hashtag

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Michelle received a master's degree from Boston University in '2009. She went on to pursue a doctorate degree in public policy administration with a specialization in law. Although Michelle has completed her coursework for a doctorate in public policy administration with a specialization in law, she put her dissertation on hold to develop a sports social media business after she was asked to share about a former NFL player who had been stricken with ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Michelle's interviews of notable athletes, sports personalities, as well as, government officials has been published in a popular men's interest magazine. She has also written a column about college football for Gaming Today, and has an advice column at The Inscriber Magazine.


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