As I watched the movie Concussion, I was again reminded how so many look for scientific data to back something up and often focus on what’s important once it hits the front page news, as opposed to paying close attention to it become it gets to that point. Additionally, so many look to quantitative data as being far more substantial than qualitative data when it comes to accepting something’s validity. Yet, for those who saw the movie, they might realize that it was not only quantitative numbers that mattered but the intangibles that might have been unseen.

Because so many will look to want to know the quantitative reach of SXM Social Media, a media kit including an overview, analysis, network and demographics is included here on this site. Yet, this media kit does not grasp the amazing powerful reach. Take for example, the reality that one of the followers who got to know of @SportSXMichelle did so because he was discussing whether putting a new Walmart in a neighborhood might increase crime in the area. Michelle’s education in criminal justice and this person’s background in risk management are just part of what lead to a very strong connection that remains to this day. This relatively benign exchange on Twitter lead to this follower’s decision to listen to the sports talk radio program Michelle worked with only he was not able to hear the show because he is deaf. So he listened by following the show’s tweets.

If you pay attention to the Priceless marketing campaign by Mastercard then you have paid attention to the most important component in marketing which is qualitative reach. Think about it for a moment and ask yourself if Twitter really has any character limitations. This past year Michelle Sports X aka @SportSXMichelle has had several conversations about legalities in sports matters with Michael McCann ( @McCannSportsLaw ) of Sports Illustrated yet Michael does not follow Michelle on Twitter, and Michelle’s first introduction to Michael was when she first heard him speak about a delicate legal matter on The Moose & Maggie Show .

To truly understand Twitter, you must pay close attention. It’s no different than anything else. There will always be those who pay attention to the superficial surface. In fact, chances are many more pay attention to the superficial than the substance, but for those of us who pay attention to the totality of circumstance and take the time to view Twitter using both a quantitative and qualitative approach, the result will be truly priceless. [ This article was written by Michelle Sports X ]


Sports X Media is managed by Michelle Sports X, founder of SXM Social Media.

Overview: This site is maintained by SXM Social Media. It’s purpose is to provide informative articles about sports matters that are trending.

Quantitative Analysis: Network Breakdown Analytics as of December ‘2015 according to, Klear, a social intelligence platform that monitors and reports on social media listening analytics for SXM Social Media include 114.6 tweets per day, 52 of 100 tweets are re-tweeted, 70% of tweets receive replies.

The demographics of those who follow on Twitter include 62% male, 38% female. Celebrities and power users make up 40& of the influencers, with casual and novice influencers making up the remaining population. Thirty-one percent of followers are between the age of 18-24, with 35% percent between the age of 25-43 and 23% between the age of 35-49. Ninety percent of the following is in the United States, but at least 25 other countries have reported following. Several cities have been reached including over 16% of activity in Las Vegas. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Boston and Dallas represent significant percentages of reach, as well.

Audience Interest: The majority of the audience are interested in Sports, Fantasy Sports, Gaming, Marketing, and in particular the National Football League [NFL].

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