Just once I’d like to see the game stopped by the officials and somebody run and hand ‘that guy’ a Snickers!  I’m not kidding because we all know you’re not yourself when you’re hungry.  Only on Saturday the New York Giants were not hungry enough, and all they were doing was creating a mess of what would be a missed opportunity to advance in the NFC East.  It is often said that the greatest battle we will face in this life is the enemy in the mirror, and Odell Beckham, Jr. truly seems as though he’s got some maturing to do.  It’s not cool to throw multiple punches at the opposing team, right?  Then again this sort of thing happens in the National Hockey League all the time, and very often fans cheer.  So why wasn’t anyone cheering on Sunday, when Odell committed major mayhem on the field during the game against the Carolina Panthers?

Today it was announced that Odell Beckham, Jr. has been suspended one game by the National Football League for his actions in Sunday’s loss to the Carolina Panthers, which took place in New Jersey, at Metlife Stadium.  A letter from NFL Vice President of Football Operations Merton Hanks articulated the punishment and the reasons for same including mention of how Odell’s actions placed another player at risk and did now represent the high standards of the NFL.  As usual, there will be an appeal but wouldn’t it be nice if Odell Beckham, Jr. held a press conference and said, “I really screwed up.  I’m sorry to the fans, the kids, and my teammates.  I won’t waste any time or money on an appeal and I’ll take my punishment like a man.”

NYG Wide Receiver
Odell Beckham, Jr NYG Wide Receiver

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