Monday Morning Michelle: Is the NFL Boring? 

photo by Jim Lewis

I’ve not finished reading the article that was posted earlier about Donald Trump’s opinion of the NFL being boring, but I will.  That being said I did want to share my initial thoughts about the topic.  First thought, what’s the definition of ‘boring’ and in what context was Mr. Trump [assuming he actually said that, but for argument sake let’s assume that he did] referring to – and the NY Times’ reporter, who just so happens to be Gregg Easterbrook and he’s known as the “Tuesday Morning QB” – wait what?  Hmmmmmmm since when is there Tuesday morning QBs? What I was going to say is, and the NY Times’ reporter, is he qualified to assess what’s boring more so than Mr. Trump.  By the way, Mr. Easterbrook claimed the NFL is better than ever, or something likes that.

Okay, seriously have you seen the show, ‘House of Cards?’ Are we supposed to throw this into the pot and start talking about whether or not the NFL is boring?  Man, I hate when I fall for that bait only I have to admit this is a pretty good conversation starter.  What’s boring?  The game?  The shenanigans?  Are we fooling ourselves into thinking it’s got anything to do with football?  It’s an entertainment business, so said the NFL Commish!  Are you not entertained?  [Note to self – check the definition of ‘boring’ and ‘entertainment’] I’ll get back to you on this as it’s a lengthy article and it’s going to be fun to dissect it – when I’ve got a bit more time.

If by chance you need the link, you’ll likely find it on the @NYTimes TL and/or you can head over to mine, @SportSXMichelle.  I shared it earlier this morning – I just had to.  I love when the @NYTimes posts stuff about sports.  I also love reading about what Donald Trump has to say.  Seeing a tweet with both Mr. Trump and the NFL is a  a head turner for me.  I’m still dying to know whether Mr. Trump partakes fantasy football!

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