When he gets angry and feels disrespected, he acts out in blind rage.” Todd Hicks, prosecutor in USA Today 10/03/08 [ wonder if anyone thought he might have CTE ]

As the reports continue to be trending about Ex-NFL running back Lawrence Phillips found dead in an apparent suicide many on Twitter are talking about how great he could have been, if only he could have stayed out of trouble.  According to the New York Daily News, “the ex-NFL running back, who had been serving a 31-year sentence and had been moved to a single cell in April of 2013 for the suspected killing of his cellmate, was found unresponsive in his cell early Wednesday morning, the California Department of Corrections announced.” The article goes on to say that Phillips’ death is still being investigated.

Those who remember Phillips are tweeting about the lost potential and recollecting about his stats while he played college football for the University of Nebraska.  Back in 2015 the Daily News shared about the “Six most shocking parts of Lawrence Phillips prison letters.” Inside the letters which were noted as having been obtained by USA Today Sports, Phillips allegedly talked about how he was trying to avoid gang members.  Phillips was, at the time, “serving time for corporal injury to a spouse, false imprisonment and vehicle theft.”

The pieces of this puzzle and what lead to Lawrence Phillips to take his own life, if that’s what happened are heart breaking.  Could this man have been helped?  Could the violence he was alleged to have committed which he claimed to be coerced into admitting to have been prevented?  Did the NFL do anything to help or did it do all it could do to help prevent the demise of this man?



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