Clemson D It’s Monday, and most of us who LOVE [ note the CAPS ] college football are anxiously awaiting the No. 1 Clemson Tigers vs. No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff.

Many of those who report on sports will provide a glimpse into the past.  For example, if you stroll over to ESPN you’ll find an article by Adam Rittenberg that lists the seven things to know about the match up and it begins with a history lesson.  That lesson begins with the mention of how Alabama is ahead in this series by a margin of 12-3, and it delves into how the last time Clemson won was in 1905.  You’ll want to check the article out if you’re a betting man [or woman] and you believe history can repeat itself or want to take stats into consideration before you lay your money down.  It includes a description of the “best individual matchup,” as well as, the “position group you need to know.” Delving further into the position group you’ll see that it’s Clemson’s defensive line is being touted as one that should not be underestimated but can they muster up enough strength and to withstand the impending force of an incredibly fierce Alabama D?

For a closer look, here’s the link :


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