By: Joe Cardoso

Ever wanted to contribute and report for a sports talk show? Think you have what it takes to be a guest analyst?

Nuts and Bolts Sports was founded and run by fans, for fans. We know you know sports as well or better than we do, and a year later, that fact has never been lost on us. We want to take that even further, and interact with our listeners on a deeper level.

Our new show, The NBS Sports Hour, is the place to show your talents in a brand new segment called “Crowdsourcing the Mic.” Send in a one to four minute analysis about a relevant topic in the world of sports, and we will give you the floor and respond with our thoughts! It’s your chance to have the microphone to be heard!

Have a tidbit on a proposed signing or a trade in the works? Know of something happening in your region or market? Are you capable of breaking down Wimbledon? The Masters? The Stanley Cup Finals? An upcoming fight? What do you foresee happening in your favorite sport at a trade deadline? Have you seen the next household name win his/her high school championship? Don’t be shy! Share your knowledge and wisdom with us and our community!

Send your thoughts on ANY sports topic, and if it’s clear and intelligible, we would love to hear your knowledge and air it on the show. Any sport, any relevant topic within reason. Please do not form this in a “smack down” type of format. This is your chance to report what you see on the horizon, and offer your unique perspective on the world of sports!

Send your take via email or our DropBox


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