Who’s behind the tennis racket? by @SportSXMichelle

Behind the Tennis Racket

Behind the Tennis Racket by @SportSXMichelle

Wanna know a secret?  Apparently there’s one inside a 2008 reported into suspected match-fixing but according to Simon Cox who writes for the BBC News, “the world tennis authorities have admitted they too no action to pursue 28 top-level players, including winners of Grand Slam titles, named in a secret 2008 report into suspected match-fixing.”

In a very interesting article Mr. Cox posted on 18 January 2016 posted over at www.bbc.com, Mr. Cox describes how “for years the annual tennis tournament in Sopot” went unnoticed until 2007 when a player ranked number 4 in the world who should have been an “overwhelming favourite” was being discounted by bettors.  According to the article, “millions of pounds” were being bet by “Russian gamblers” that the opposing player, ranked considerably lower than number 4, would win.

What does all this mean?  Does it mean that there was “more than probable” fixing of the match?  Can anyone say for sure?  Apparently both players were cleared of violating any rules but …. and there’s a big but! If you’ve not read the article by Simon Cox, BBC News over at www.bbc.com I think you’d enjoy it.  You’ll find I shared it on Twitter via @SportSXMichelle earlier this morning.

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    • Billy Mack
      January 19, 2016

      For the authorities to admit that there was even limited match fixing going on, they would have to agree their sport is tainted. That is the last thing that a sport with a dwindling audience base needs. Obviously, they went in to self preservation mode and adopted the “Nothing to see here, move along.” approach. It’s painfully obvious that a match at a minor tournament could be easily fixed if the right people were involved. It makes you wonder how many times this has happened in the past.

      • Gregg Snyder
        January 20, 2016

        Reminds me of the movie Crash. I don’t think that we will ever be able to prevent all wrongdoing – no matter what the forum.
        Sometimes people cheat – we do what we can to teach right from wrong – many times people violate ethical guidelines and rules.
        On the plus side, many times they do not ~ Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts – I appreciate you doing so and also appreciate you taking a moment to share feedback – Respectfully, Michelle


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