Listeners of @SportSXRadio are often sharing opinions about sports.  We appreciate this post shared by John Grote about hockey and the NBC banning teams from having more than one watch party.  According to John’s profile on Twitter, he’s [attending ] UNLV, a [huge] NJ Devils fan, and he’s avid about …. ] To learn more about John,  follow him on Twitter @JohnG1798

For a league that is all about growing the game, it sure didn’t act like it was by forcing Tampa Bay to cancel its game 7-watch party. For no other reason than NBC is worried about ratings. Maybe if NBC had its sports network available to more people or actually showed games of NBC they may not have this problem. Allowing more teams to have television time and maybe, just maybe not having the same few teams in the Winter Classic each season. They are making the same mistakes they made when they had a contract with ESPN. People get tired of seeing only a select few teams get TV airtime while the rest get ignored. It is no wonder more and more people are switching to the NHL center ice streaming service. The way things are going that might be the only way we will get to watch games.

Hockey has always been grown at the grass root level. With people giving it a try to the ones who go see their first live game. There is no better experience to watching hockey then seeing the game with other people. The thrill of the cheering and everyone getting out of their seats when they think something might happen. By limiting viewing parties being held by teams will only move people into bars and other places. Hockey fans and players are a community that has a strong bond. This bond makes us all unique and is what helps grow the sport. Not the NBC executives who are only worried about ratings.

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