When I was younger we had an unlisted phone number.  Perhaps I’m dating myself, but yes I was around when phone books were still the norm, and cell phones were somewhere in the not-too-distant future.  At that time, I never understood why my father chose to have our number unlisted, and I can remember wanting to be like everybody else, wishing our number was listed.

Fast forward to the present, and I would completely opt to have my number unlisted if it even mattered.  Only nowadays, I don’t think much about giving my phone number out because there’s always the ‘block’ button, and it’s almost as though privacy has gone out the window.  People do not think that exchanging numbers is as big deal as it was ‘back in the day.’

What’s happened to the right to privacy?  This past week Antonio Brown, apologized for sharing excerpts of a conversation that occurred inside the Steeler’s locker room.  “I let my emotions and genuine excitement get the best of me, and I wanted to share that moment with our fans,” Brown said in a statement posted to his Twitter account late Tuesday morning.  Was he wrong?  Did he violate Mike Tomlin’s reasonable expectation of privacy?

While much of the media seems to be focused on whether the overall distraction might cause the Steelers to skip a beat and have an adverse impact on their upcoming game against the Patriots, others are focused on whether Brown was wrong to violate what Ben Roethlisberger’s refers to as a ‘sacred place.’

Are locker rooms a place where one would expect all that they say to be broadcast for all the world to see?  Could it be that we will one day see live cameras inside the locker rooms, and a coach will have to watch his or her words?  Why would Mike Tomlin apologize for saying words that might have been spoken in a manner that were not intended for public distribution?  I wish Mike Tomlin simply said, “I’m not going to apologize for something that was said in the sanctuary of the locker room, and Antonio should be more mindful not to share what’s nobody’s business to the rest of the world.”

It will be interesting to see how things play out both on and off the field, this coming Sunday.  One thing’s for sure if the Steelers lose there will be something else for the media to blame, other than Brady’s balls.






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