The world is changing and while some people might have found that they have been fast asleep as it’s been happening others are not surprised to see that there’s a shift going in the entertainment industry.  Is it the entertainment industry or the sports and entertainment industry?

In the past folks on the radio have pondered why stadiums will not fill up in the manner that they once did, and others wonder why television ratings are dropping.  The thing is sponsors are going to go to where the people are going to have exposure to their product, and as the world changes, so too will the way sponsors spend their money.  Should a company advertise and spend countless dollars on a Super Bowl commercial?  If so, what the best way to have an everlasting impact?  And, what about spending money on advertising on ESPN?  Does it even make sense anymore?

These are questions that executives over at The Walt Disney Company, which operates the network are currently pondering.  ESPN (originally an initialism for Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks) is a U.S. based global cable and satellite sports television channel owned by ESPN Inc., a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and the Hearst Corporation, which owns 20% minority share.   Several articles were written recently in various papers including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, and more citing the network’s lag in getting on board with digital streaming.

While some scratch their heads and wonder what’s happening, others who have set their sight on the future not too long ago are not surprised to see the shift and were prepared.  It’s always good to know where your followers will be and be prepared for them to one day be in the driver’s seat.  In fact, it’s also good to know one day there may not be a driver at all.  Only that’s not to say that television will become a thing of the past, it just might be a side dish as opposed to the main course.

Marketing executives will be wise to include bundled packages and continue to introduce commercials that incorporate social media into the mix, as well as, live streaming.  For example, #WannaSprite is a brilliant way to involve an all inclusive campaign that includes hashtag marketing but was aired during the Super Bowl.  ESPN and The Disney Company might look to do something similar and incorporate ways that will allow acceptance for the lagging performance, as long as the dollars are kept in house.



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