We all know Geno and the woman will be playing ball on the big stage this March, but what about Kevin and the men ? It wasn’t long ago that this question seemed ridiculous the Huskies were bogged down by youth and injuries and sitting at the bottom of the AAC. The climb to the top of the conference where first place SMU 24-4 (14-1) and second place Cincinnati 24-3 (13-1) was looking like K2, hell no one dared to dream they could catch UCF or Memphis. UCONN was struggling and Coach Kevin Ollie was searching for answers. Enter Jalen Adams, the sophomore has done a ton of growing up over the course of this season and has taken on a man sized responsibility, leading the Huskies to four straight wins over UCF,USF,Memphis and Temple, three of the four teams they had happened to be chasing, Four straight games that didn’t hurt UCONN’s chase back into the bubble conversation. A Win tonight over Houston would put them in third place and that light at the end of the tunnel would become just a bit brighter. If the Huskies can win out and make a good showing in the AAC tourney (In Hartford) next month, the conversation gets even more interesting. If they can just get to the Finals, I think they are in and that would give The Huskies quality wins over SMU, Cincinnati and  Houston and maybe a second win over one or two of these teams on their way to the AAC finals. Yes, there are “if’s and buts” but aren’t there always?  no one admits it but the selection committee does see how a team finishes out the year. Winning these last four and getting to the AAC finals would give UCONN a 10-1 mark, in their last 11, that’s impressive even in the AAC, The Fat Lady may have been warming up in her dressing room back in late January but these dogs barked loud enough and muffled her but good over the past 3 weeks. Keep the faith people, because there may be more than one way into this dance.

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