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What Up Doe?!?!?   Today is the day we celebrate all things Detroit!  Matter of fact, as I write this, I’m rocking my Motown T-shirt, my limited edition Eminem hoodie, my orange and navy blue 313 socks, and a Lions beanie.  The only thing missing is that I need some vernors and a coney for lunch.   And maybe a Shinola watch, but those are a lil too big for my taste.  Detroit is such a great sports town, (stop laughing! It IS!)  True, of late, it’s been lacking (lookin at you Red Wings) but overall, there’s been some hope for a return to the glory days for potentially the Pistons (need to iron out a couple more kinks) and potentially the Tigers (if the players play to the best of their abilities, and the manager figure things out).    And while the Lions really haven’t had “real” glory days, there is hope.

Yesterday afternoon my husband admitted to me that he got nervous when he saw Bob Quinn trending on Twitter.   Now, typically when a Lions player/coach/anyone in management is trending on Twitter it typically isn’t for things such as doing something good for the community.  As a matter of fact, it typically involves someone being caught naked at some fast food drive through under the influence of some combination of alcohol and drugs.  And need I remind you about the Titus Young Two (arrests in)-A-Day???  So, normally it’s a cause to be nervous, however I was prepared this time. I had gotten a text saying that free agent offensive lineman TJ Lang had signed with the Lions.    That’s right…a PRO-BOWL Guard has signed with the Lions.  This is not a drill, folks.  Bob Quinn didn’t come to play with y’all.  He’s here on a mission, and one mission only.  To build this team into a Super Bowl Contender and bring about some “real” glory years.  The offensive line has always been a weakness with this team.  Our QBs have taken some nasty hits, and the run game has been quite awful.  And don’t get me going on former center Mr. D. Raiola.   While it has shown improvement, the team did lose two serviceable linemen this year in free agency.  Larry Warford and Riley Reiff.  In years past, the Lions would have gone out and gotten someone equally as serviceable, and potentially even a little worse with injury concerns, etc.  But Bob Quinn was able to replace them with TJ Lang and Rick Wagner.  Adding those two to the line of Taylor Decker, Graham Glasgow and Travis Swanson, the Lions probably have one of their best offensive lines that they’ve had in a long, long time.

So everone crack open a Stroh’s (or pour some Faygo for the kiddies) and grab a Buddy’s Pizza!  With a great draft last year, and a great start to the free agency/draft season (minus the Joe Mixon snafu) Bob is building something good in the 313.



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