Thanks to Michael B. for all of his opinions, feedback, and MLB photos this past year.  It’s our pleasure to share his views here on this site.

Syracuse should not be dancing in 2017

Syracuse had an avg to mediocre season.
There were some games they played like a
top 25 team. Impressive home wins over Duke, Virginia and Florida St.

Now for the bad news for Orange Nation.
The Orange lost at 9-23 BC by 15, Georgetown at home by 7, lost to UConn (16-17) at Madison Square Garden
lost at Georgia Tech ,lost at Pitt (16-17)  lost at home to Georgetown (14-18)and was
crushed by St Johns (14-19) 93-60 at home.
By the numbers,Syracuse 3-5 vs top 25,
16-3 at home, 2-8 on the road, 0-3 on neural court.

Syracuse won vs mediocre teams
in non conference schedule. The best win
was vs 27-6 Monmouth. They beat up on Colgate, Holy Cross, South Carolina St, Boston University, North Florida, Eastern Michigan and Cornell. However vs non conference teams in top 50 they lost to South Carolina in NY, and lost at Wisconsin 77-60.

Each year we hear people complain that not enough teams who win at least 20 games make it to March Madness.  The committee
needs to stop looking at Tradition and focus
on overall season.


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