1. Tom Brady.  NE
  2. Aaron Rodgers. GB
  3. Drew Brees. NO
  4. Matt Ryan. ATL
  5. Kirk Cousins. WASH
  6. Andrew Luck. IND
  7. Russell Wilson.SEA 
  8. Cam Newton. CAR
  9. Derek Carr. VEGAS
  10. Matthew Stafford. DET
  11. Marcus Mariota. TEN
  12. Dak Prescott. DAL
  13. Ben Roethlisberger. PIT
  14. Philip Rivers. LAC
  15. Jameis Winston TB
  16. Eli Manning. NYG
  17. Jay Cutler .MIA
  18. Carson Palmer.AZ
  19. Tyrod Taylor. BUF
  20. Blake Bortles. JAX


Not a Lot of new info on the QB landscape. The usual suspects, with Keyser Söze AKA Tom Brady atop the pyramid, I am not has high as some writers are on Dak Prescott’ second season in the league as most fantasy writers have him in their top ten. I see Derek Carr continuing to grow out west as i said on draft day he was the best in that class and his role as the Raiders team leader is now solidified. I have him in my top 10 but, He could end up a top 5 QB in Fantasy. With Big Ben it all depends on health and Philip Rivers will be your consolation prize in the wait to draft a QB world of 2017. And yes that’s Cousins you see there at number five. 



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