Lost in the stench of the tantrum cloud that David price threw into the atmosphere Wednesday night and the stinker  that he threw Thursday in the Boogie Down Bronx is the fact that once again the Red Sox bats were left in the rack.

In five games this season the Sox are now 1-4 vs the hated Yankees, in those losing efforts ( effort used in the loosest of terms )  the sox have been completely shut down, dropping games 3-0, 3-1, 8-0 and 9-1, in the last 18 innings the Sox have managed NINE hits against the likes of CC Sabathia- Michael Pineda – Jonathan Holder – Adam Warren – Giovanny Gallegos – and Dellin Betances. Not exactly Ron Guidry Mike Torrez ( pre Sox ) and Mariano Rivera.


As it sits right now the Red Sox have batted .143 against the Yankees this season. Not in the last two games. In the five they have faced them. ONE FORTY THREE.  The entire Mendoza family is giggling their collectives asses off at this moment. I can hardly get my head around this number.

While it is true that good pitching beats good hitting more often than not you expect better from a group of men who are actually paid to do the latter.  Show some Goddamn Pride people


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