It is no secret that Brandon Bolden is one of my All time Favorite Patriots, In Mondays Press conference Bill Belichick  explained a few of the reasons why.

“Brandon’s played for us on all three downs. He’s played on the early downs. He’s played in sub situations. He’s a smart player and has a good set of skills. I mean, he can run, he can catch, he can pass protect, and he’s given us a lot of production and leadership in the kicking game. So he does a good job in the room with it being the running back room or in the special teams room of being prepared, helping out the younger guys. He’s a good communicator, so things on the punt team, punt return where things can happen pretty fast and you need to make some adjustments, he’s good at that, very good in blitz pickup and his understanding of the passing game. So, he’s a four-down player, three-down offensive player with versatility in the kicking game and all the different phases.”

But enough about Bill’s thinking. Be it in a column i write, my roster projections. ( plural, as i get grief for it yearly ) or my pod casts people always seem to wonder why I have such a deep respect and admiration for an Undrafted Free Agent who in their words ” doesn’t do enough to merit a that spot “. Well i disagree , i think Bill coaches and sees ball players exactly the way I do, and a player who does everything well and is a plus to me in multiple ways is someone i will take on my team any day of the week. A player who brings it on every play no matter the situation is vastly more valuable than one who may do something a bit better but cant do everything as well as said player. I am convinced if you asked him to go play Middle Linebacker for three downs he could do it. and any player  who is also a plus in meetings-practice and puts a smile teammates faces when he walks into a room or onto the field always has a spot on my roster.


When I put together teams i want Ball Players. That’s what Brandon Bolden is. A Football Player. Bolden is a Ball Player who makes plays you dont notice. that get overlooked by the main stream. or that aren’t seen by the trained eye, never mind the untrained. He makes plays that keep momentum going for the first team when they need a blow or are lost for a quarter while getting re-tapped or go down for the game. when Bill needs someone to step in and tote the rock he does it. I’ve witnessed Brandon Bolden keep the train rolling or turn the tide in games-in playoff games and yes Superbowl’s, and no one ever seems to talk about it.  Don’t believe me ? Ask Cliff Avril how much of Superbowl XLIX he remembers after getting sent to the locker room by one of Boldens Hulk Smash hits. yea you missed that, as most of the world did because the Best player on the planet tossed an INT on that same play. Avril missed the rest of the game. Trust me Brady didn’t miss Avril.  As the old saying goes ” The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” BB Hulk smash is the reason those plans often go awry.

So sure folks take your extra .535 yards after contact guy, you can have your third string break away speed guy, or the flavor of the month at TE or WR who’s HAS to have that roster spot. I’ll take the football player. All Day-Every Day. and Twice on Superbowl Sunday


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