I remember it like yesterday, Sandoval and Ramirez are coming to Boston, Not the signings just the rumor that they were both headed here to talk with then GM Ben Cherington, as i look to the left of my desk i can still see the plaster patched hole in my office wall i put my head through that morning. I wrote then that the Sox would be making a giant mistake to ink either of these ball players. Then it came


November 25th 2014 “A Day that will live in infamy”


Not only did he ink one but both of my nightmares, most of boston still saw Pablo as the man who belted three homers in the 2012 World Series against the Tigers. Most remember him as Mr. Postseason, What did the Red sox get? We all know the story.


This week Sandoval came out of the Kitchen closet with what i can only imagine was a peice either written or rewritten by someone else at The Players Tribune and said.


“At the end of the day, I just never felt comfortable in Boston,” he said. “It had nothing to do with the organization, or my teammates, or the fans, or the city. Everybody was great to me. I think it was just something that happens sometimes — you don’t feel comfortable somewhere, or you don’t fit in, even if you’re in a place you chose to be.

“In Boston, I was lost . . . It just never felt like home.”




Do you folks feel any “Boston Guilt” for his uncomfortable time here ? i hope not , Pandaman clearly stated it wasn’t you or the team or the well anyone or anything for that matter. He just wasn’t comfortable,


Now he is back to feeling at home, playing third base every day and feeling quite comfy. I guess Frisco is just a place where you can go bust open your belt and pants sit down and dream of  all you can eat Vegas Buffet’s just a forty five minute plane trip away. We all know he can afford it,


In case you forgot


Panda receive a $3MM bonus just to sign here, then earned ( Never used that term more loosely in my life)  $17MM annually over 2015-17. The Sox are on the hook for  $18MM salary in both 2018 and 2019. With a  club option is for $17MM in 2020. But that comes with a $5MM buyout.


How comfortable can you get ?


In the end this contract ranks second in Red Sox Lore behind only Jack Clark and just ahead of Julio Lugo is dumb-ass-airy, and i am completely comfortable saying that. 


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