It’s finally here  , Patriots Nation has waited impatiently since James White plunged over the goalline bringing New England It’s fifth Super Bowl title. The off season was nothing short of electric The hoodie smartly using draft picks, positional depth assets and cap space to bring in veteran playmakers and roll players on both sides of the ball.. It was Bill being Belichickian at it’s highest level. Now the time has come, will second year player ( Malcolm Mitchell ) build off a fine rookie season, Can high Profile additions like Brandin cooks and Stephon Gilmore be able to function in the team first atmosphere Foxboro preaches that doesn’t seems to exist in other parts of the NFL landscape. After that Super Bowl Banner is unveiled 2016 is officially dead and buried, Tonight Bill, Tom and The Pats will start digging a new grave for the rest of the 2017 NFL contenders



Here Are My Monster Keys to Week One vs KC

Protect the Asset

Tom brady is the straw that stirs and while he may be more flxable than other straws in the league he cant work his magic on his backside, Expect Andy Reid to Dial up the pressure early, Give Tom time and keep him clean.

Get up early get up quick.

Alex Smith is a good QB if you allow the Chiefs to dictate the tempo of the game it plays into Smith’s strengths. dont let KC hang around and steal a victory late,While i dont expect the Pats to go full no huddle i do expect them to work fast and make Smith chase. 

Exploit underneath bust the seams :

The soft underbelly of this KC, D is it’s LB corp, get Gronk and Hogan involved early stretching the middle of the field then use the running backs to move the chains catching Bullets from Brady.


Eliminate the Big Play

While most would call Smith a Game Manager that doesn’t mean this team isn’t explosive, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill are bombs waiting to go off. Don’t lose track of where Reid lines these two up which in the case of Hill could be anywhere on the field. Both of these talents are capable of breaking off big plays at any time.


Win The Turnover Battle


Every week people. get used to it now i say it every week,


Play Patriots Defense

Yes bend but don’t break. shut these chiefs down when they get inside the 30 and make them settle for 3’s


That’s it folks not many keys on the week one ring. To be honest we dont know what to expect any more than Andy Reid does. This team is an enigma and it’s going to take some time to cut new keys.


You want a prediction okay i’ll give you one


Patriots 28

Chiefs 20



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