Here we are people the match up of the season . the one you have been waiting for all year. Well the one i’ve been waiting for all year, for those of you who are new here I am not paid to be objective, I wear my heart on my sleeve i put it out there time and again, my readers always know where i stand. Honestly when you’re Eleven Feet Tall and Weigh fourteen Hundred LBS your kind of hard to miss. But let’s digress. I HATE  Cam Newton with a passion. That burns deep into my soul, in fact on cold winter nights i think of him just to warm my house. Why you ask ?


# 1 Style Points , I don’t give them out and if there is a player in the history of this league who is more style over substance id like you to let me know who they are

# 2 Poor sports , yea go see any press conference Fig-Newton has ever given after a loss, Cammy can always show you whose fault it is, and trust me it’s never his. I hate poor sports.

# 3 Bigger Than the team, me me Me ME ME.. yep even as his stats decline. his ego grows every year.


I could go on but FUCK it we could be here all day.


Here Are my Monster Keys to beating Fig-Newton and HIS Carolina Panthers

Dial up the Pressure

Newton is a Bully and like most bullies he’s Wuss, get in his face early and frustrate him , and watch him fall completely apart. It would be Wise to Bring the pain early and often with Flowers, See what i did  there Wise Flowers yea you saw it.

Stack the box :

The Pats have had difficulty stopping mobile quarterbacks this year and with option QB’s over the years We got a taste of this last week. Fig-Newton isn’t the athlete he was three years ago but if he sees some of the space that was ignored by Rookie Deshaun Watson last week he will take off and move the chains. Drop Chung down into the box off a disguised cover two this will keep Newton from exploiting open space and allow the LB’s to funnel runs back up into the teeth of the D-Line. this will also help with my next key, so read on

Limit the Kids

Panthers Rookie back Christian McCaffrey leads this team in Yards and Targets, Find him get a body on him and stick to him , of this kid finds separation it could look like week one all over again,

Devin funchess : you don’t know the name but you should. Second on the team this year in targets Mr Funchess is heading into his third season in the league and is feeling it averaging close to 15 yards per reception.


I’m begging you , Get Dion Lewis more involved in this game. The panthers have a good secondary. Get them to respect the run and then rip them apart with play action. Remember Play Action ? Ahhh the good old days. Lewis keeps a D guessing White and Gillislee don’t.


Protect the Defense,

Long sustained Drives are needed this week to help keep the d fresh. Focused and off the field. Deep balls should be a byproduct of this temas attack on Sunday not the focus. Move the chains rack up first downs and win.


Hold them to Three:

To Many Sixes , not enough threes, im not going to show you the stats, it’s that ugly .

Win The turnover Battle : you though i forgot didn’t you ?

That’s it folks , always easy on paper, let’s see if the Bill Matt and Josh listen to me this week, if they don’t it could be .500, But if they do Watch Fig-Newton Crumble

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