Do you know how hard it is to beat Bill Belichick’s Patriots After a loss ? It’s exceptionally hard The Pats winning %  after taking an L since 2001 ? .776 . Not an easy task But Last week’s loss was no fluke victory by the chiefs. They came into that game prepared and ready to hang around until the planets aligned and they dropped 21 fourth quarter points on the Pats. Game one exposed some serious depth issues this team has, Next man up gets pretty difficult when you turn and there the next man up has been wearing that jersey for 72 hours. But im not here to make excuses, i dont do that and neither does BB. “ Out Played Out coached ‘ Out a week one win. Here are my monster Keys to Patriots victory


Keep It Simple Stupid


A week ago Josh McDaniels decided he was going to get cute in his play calling, i’m not going to go over all of it but maybe Chris Hogan as your feature running back isn’t a good idea. This week id like to see LESS positional versatility and more defined roles from everyone involved.


Use the Run to set up the Pass

For some strange reason people think this is Old Fashioned, but when you’re hurting and thin at WR and you have a RB corp this deep, why the hell not ? Spread out this Saints D and pound between the tackles.


Paging Dr Burkhead Dr Rex Burkhead: You;r needed in the Slot 


Get back to the short game:

I don’t know if it was game plan or frustration but i didn’t like the shots taken downfield last week. Use Cooks and Hogan to open up space and use that space. I expect a fine Gronking Sunday.


Get After Breese.

The Saints OL is young and hurt. The way to my heart is to drive thru Drew Breese stomach. Get in his face and make him get rid of the ball before he wants too. 



I don’t know about you but i dont think there is anything wrong with a professional football player asking for a  Check” in the huddle. Last week the Pats D was burned by poor communication you have to know your job before you can do it.


Win the Turnover Battle . at least they listened to me on this one last week.


Trade in that DIME for 2 Nickles :

Yea i never want to see Jordan Richards at LB again. Last week the Pats begged KC to run the ball and well we all saw what happened. Mix the D up more i expect the saints to try and exploit what is perceived as a weakness and run at the Patriots.


Own third Down.

The Pats converted just five of fifteen opportunities, you can’t expect to win this or any sunday converting on 33%


That’s it folks those are my keys to victory for Bill and Co. as i said it’s very hard to beat this team after a loss. But in actuality that stat is about as Bull shit as it gets. This team isn’t last year’s team or 2001 team. Let’s just hope it;s also not last weeks team.



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