Well my rabid readers it’s Gang-Green week,. Or more precisely. It’s Gangrene-Week. Let me make something crystal clear to those of you new around here. I hate the fucking J E T S jets, jets, jets. My loathing of this team goes back to the days of Namath and Don Maynard, thru the days of Richard Todd and the Sack Exchange, God please put me in a steel cage with Mark Gastineau, just 10 minutes that’s all i’m asking lord. Well that felt great, sometimes its good to be amongst friends and share like that. Here are my Monster Keys to beating the jets.


Man Up:

The first three quarters of last weeks game went well for this vaunted secondary ( cough cough) I asked for Cover two man and i got it. THEN in the forth quarter all hell broke lose. I dont like hell breaking loose. Maybe i should call my man Father Chip for an exorcism.  

Protect your Face

Yes people can we keep Tom Brady upright this week. Another three sacks and forty seven hits last week ( yes i counted ) this can’t go on. Brady is going to battle through this AC joint injury but if it gets worse who knows. Keep Brady clean.


Run the Damn Ball

The Pats are dropping back and throwing the ball at a two to one clip last week 40 passes to just 23 run plays. This can’t go on. Let’s get inventive this week, i want to see more 2 back sets and motion Mr White. More allowing Dion Lewis to get more touches. Lewis is averaging over 5 yards per carry, remember when we all heard about how versatile these backs were and that’s why BB let go of Blount ? well let’s get the versatile guy in there. And keep the defense looking to kill Brady honest. That’s Dion.


More two TE sets.

This key is cut on both sides, one side is the health and participation of one Rob Gronkowski. The underside of the key is Jacob Hollister. Hollister hasn’t seen a ton of snaps and he needs to be more involved. There is a reason i had him on my initial 53 and that reason is he’s good. Let Gronk help in the blocking game and catch his 3 TD, let Hollister help move the chains. I don’t want to see Dwayne Allen at all. Bloody useless


Stuff the Run:

I can’t, i just can’t watch another performance from the D line like i saw last week.or week 1-2-3. 124 yards per game. Sometimes it feels like per carry. WAKE THE FUCK UP. dont let the Jets control this game on the ground. Make them work from behind the chains. Make McCown throw the ball.


Win the Turnover battle ,

This is becoming an issue, turnovers have kept opposing teams in every game this season. Take care of Tom and take care of the ball.

That’s it folks that’s all I’ve got this week and to be honest this is all the Pats need. I want this team buried and buried early. Don’t let this crowd into the game don’t let this team go into the half believing they have a chance. I am not expecting a win this Sunday. I’m demanding a blow out.


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