Before i kick off this week’s column. RIP Terry Glenn ,

No Team in the AFC East plays as hard. No Team in the AFC East plays as well or has had more success against Tom Brady than The Miami Dolphins.  Honestly .They are only eleven games under .500 vs Tommy Terrific 9-20 ELEVEN, Compared to the Jets 7-24 that’s a pretty good percentage. And Bills 3-26 that’s AMAZING. Now it is true the Dolphins have an advantage other teams don’t , in that the Pats have to travel down to that sweat box once a year and play in 190 degree heat-but still well done. give yourselves a hand Miami. It;s what you’re best at. Here are my Monster Keys to Squishing the F’ing fish.

Limit or Lament

While writing this i am not sure who will be in the starting line up under center for the Dolphins, but who ever starts i expect them to lean heavy on the run game of Drake and Williams, Gase is not an idiot and he knows running the ball keeps TB off the field. Both have big play ability don’t let either of them set the edge or get past the second level and break off anything long,

Put it in the hands of the QB:

The dolphins do one thing as well as anyone in the NFL Turn it over. Cutler has NINE Int’s this season and Matt Moore has chipped in with three of his own, Combined that’s good for second most in the NFL, If Culter is in there this week and i think Gase will go with him i expect to see a ton of three WR sets. sit back nickel relax and wait for the Marlboro’s to be lit .

Know your Job. Respect the talent in-front of you:

The Wideouts on the Dolphins roster are legit, do not forget this fact, the DB’s are going to have to communicate this week and be their brothers keeper.

While i’m here, Win that turnover Battle: Every week folks

A Target Rich Environment:

the Patriots are a 17 point favorite in this game… Why ? TFB. This Miami secondary is young dumb and full of .. Well you get my meaning, spread them out and throw the ball all night long.

Own the Red Zone

While the Pats have still been giving up yards between the twenty’s the red zone D has really stepped up the past four game, I don’t need to give you stats you’ve seen it for yourself.. Limit Miami  to threes, the Phish on the other hand are the WORST team in the NFL in the zone. Every settle inside the 20 for the Pats is a loss.   

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Tight End:

I’ll tell you who: Miami. i don’t expect Bennett to make it on the field this week so it’s up to Gronk and Hollister to bust these seems. I want Kiko wondering WTF he ever did to Gronk to deserve this at the end of the game. NO, NO I’m not going to bring up Ryan Allen , NO

Walk in Walk Out :

Kiko Alonso is not a dirty ball player, but he does play right on that edge. A boy Named Suh is a dirty player and needs to be locked up. Both these players seem to push it further and further  as games get out of hand, as any chance the Dolphins may have of winning slips away it gets cheaper it gets chippier.. It;s a culture in Miami the culture of Suh . its why they are at the top of  the league in personal foul and roughing calls. One of my main concerns this week is getting out healthy and the fact the Pats play the Phish again in two weeks .

That’s it folks not a lot of X’s and O’s this week quite frankly because i expect the Pats to do whatever they want and be successful on both sides of the ball. you want a final score ? okay im game

Patriots 34

Phish 20

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