Jose Abreu coming to Boston from old trade Buddy Chicago is the latest rumor to hit the streets. “ Yea thanks but No thanks “ were my 14 year olds words on the subject. and the boy as usual is right, While there is no denying the young man’s talent  .301/.359/.554/.883 Super Slash Line over his 4 year career attest to this. That being said i am not giving up major league talent for it. The addition of Abreu does not outweigh the subtraction on the major league roster. The Red Sox minor league system already depleted by last years blockbuster deal with these same White Sox makes it near impossible to make this deal for straight up prospects without leaving the Sox cupboard completely bare.. someone off Bostons every day lineup card will have to go back, I for one and Butchie for two ( is that a thing, for two ? ) are not in the business of filling holes by creating them,

While Some will say Murph just give up one of our three All Star outfielders (Trust me Benny is going this year ) and sign JD Martinez there is no way i’m doing this. It just doesn’t make sense on the field, in the batter’s box or too the bottom line.

Benny and Mookie are for all intensive purposes untouchable in this deal. Benintendi has too much team controll left and Mookie is an MVP conversation talent level player. That leaves JBJ plus prospects and the numbers don’t add up. While Abreu HR numbers look sexy, career wise his lines aren’t much different than Jackie’s.

Over the last three years.


.296/.351/.508  WAR 9.1

Jackie Bradley Jr

..255/.357/.456 WAR 9.7


Now these War numbers ( i know you were fixing on the WAR number don’t lie to me ) don’t take into account the fact that Jackie Bradley is one of the best defensive Center Fielders in the league. Playing everyday in the most difficult park and town to play in MLB. they also don’t take into account the affect Jackie has on the basepaths. The only thing Abreu affects on the bases is the guy he slows down hitting behind him. Also there is the money. Abreu and Bradley are both set to hit arbitration. Abreu’s gaudy HR totals will push his salary north of 17 Mill while Jackie will probably land well under 10. Money better spent on the bullpen than on a first baseman who may not be able to handle this town. 


Now we can talk J.D Martinez. While there is no doubt  JD does have a game changing bat and signing Martinez makes the Abreu deal more palatable, he is 30 and will be looking at around 150 million  dollars with this contract. But remember this, he has played 150 games once in his seven year career. Also it would move Benny to Center or worse Right (Martinez can not play right field in Boston) making the Red Sox significantly worse than they are protecting that lawn. With all due respect to Lynn,Rice and Evans. As it consists this is the best defensive outfield i have ever seen.


I have long professed that my feminine side manifests itself in Home Runs “ chicks Dig the long ball “ and so do I. But  this deal does not make the Red Sox better. Anywhere. If Dombrowski wants to make this move for Stanton i’m all in, JBJ plus prospects for Abreu ? Butchie and i will take a pass, and it’s not even a hard pass. Go ink Hosmer


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