Let’s Make a run for the boarder shall we. It’s been thirty years since i went down to Old Mexico.. Lets just say i will never forget Inez. if you want to hear the rest of that tale you’re going to have to buy my book. But let’s digress. its Brady, Belichick and company heading down to beautiful Azteca stadium complete with barbed wire and some say crooked cops. Whether you believe the rumors or not let me assure you  It is not the cozy confines of Gillette  or even the black hole of Oakland Alameda coliseum, this is a hostile environment to play in ,no matter how much PR Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman did it won’t change the fact that this will be a very pro Raiders crowd. Thanks Roger. Thanks a lot. Here are my monster Keys to Pats Victory


Take advantage of the altitude :

 While the Raiders were working out below sea level at home in Oak-town the Pats were roughing it at the Air Force Academy in Colorado getting further acclimated to thin-air. that’s right people it’s time to go No-Huddle-Bring the Nitrous. Don’t allow Jack Del Taco to even consider getting fresh people on the field. i want to see Raiders coughing up chunks of lung by halftime. 

Let it Fly :

You all know me , this isn’t your first trip to the dark side, You know i’m a run first kind of guy. Not this week. The Raiders have been making most quarterbacks they face this year look like Tom Brady.opposing QB’s the likes of Kirk Cousins-Jay Cutler and the now Benched Tyrod Taylor are completing 71 % of their passes against this defense. This week they get the real thing, best QB in the game. I say let Tommy get Terrific. Sling it all day long.

Dawn breaks on Marble Burkhead:

We saw last week how important Rex Burkhead  can be to this offense, it hasn’t looked this good since the fourth quarter of SB SLIX. Sunday may be the first 100 yard receiving game of Mr Burkhead’s career.

Don’t Get Stoned By Obi :

Local kid Obi Melifonwu who grew up in Grafton Ma and went to UCONN made his fist appearance of the season after dealing with an Injury. his being back i expect to see a lot of cover one robber D from the Raiders on Sunday with Obi shadowing Gronk, trust me this kid is up to the Task, dont believe me ask my Radio Partner Steve Balestrieri who has been covering him since High school. The robber D is set up to make QB hold the ball longer than they want to allowing the Raiders pass rush more time to get to Brady. Tom needs to find the soft spot  early in this game and exploit it . could be a huge day for Cooks.if they can motion him into single coverage against this D.

Force the Raiders to Abandon the Run:

Yes i know Carr is one of the best young QB in the league, I love this guy. But i want him to have to throw the ball between 45 and 50 times on Sunday. The Front seven of the Patriots is going to have to get it in the Raiders heads that they have nowhere to run to nowhere to hide when it comes to toting the rock.The more Carr Passes the better it is for the Pats. Stretch out down and distance 

Win the turnover Battle : This game could turn on Extra Possessions. . Oakland hasn’t registered an INT all year, i’d like to see that streak continue. Take care of the ball,

Van Noy Up So we can all Wang Chung Tonight:

If the Pats force Carr to drive the bus this weekend he will be looking for TE Jared Cook early and often, that means Kyle Van Noy and Patrick Chung are going to have to put in the overtime, keep them from using their TE to move the chains.


That’s it folks and frankly for what i’m being paid that more than enough, its not like i’m asking you for a subscription fee to read my ramblings, sure i could talk about keeping Khalil Mack and Bruce Ervin out of Tom’s face and limit Crabtree  but that shits really obvious and you know me folks i’m anything but obvious.


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