My Monster Keys to Patriots Broncos


Time to trek our way up into the “thin air where the demons live”, stole that line from The Right Stuff, if you’ve never seen it and have 3 and a half  hours to kill i highly recommend. But let’s digress, Mile high has not been a particularly kind environment for Tom Brady and the Patriots in the past. Does this team have The Right Stuff to get out of Denver ? I think so, here are my Monster Keys to Pats Victory

Limit the Big Play :

While i haven’t watched a ton of Brock Led Broncos Film ( be fair people there isn’t a ton ) i can see where Belichick is coming from when he says they are explosive. Most of their explosiveness has come from taking advantage of breakdowns and improvisation. We all know how explosive Demaryius Thomas is and Emmanuel Sanders is getting healthy after a sprained ankle. The Patriots DB’s are going to have to stick with these two like glue for extended periods of time. Play until the whistle blows gentleman,


Stuff the Run:

While this aspect of the Broncos offense has not been all world Denver’s RB’s are averaging 4.2 yards per carry. Thats good enough for 4th in the AFC. and they keep a Defense honest. The Pats front seven  need to be disciplined in their lane and gap assignments. Setting the edge, And quick to recognize Play Action put this game on Brock’s arm.


Pin them Deep :

Make the Broncos march the length of the field and they will make mistakes. Look for My guy Brandon Boldin to make a splash Sunday 


Unhook the Screen Door :

We have all had this problem, kids are in and out of the house and the Screen door is banging away in the wind. Well this week i want to see the Pats screen game bang away at this Broncos D. Get Mr White and Mr Burkhead into space and stretch the Broncos front out wide and into chase mode.


Two Tight Ends are Better Than One:

Expect to see a ton of two tight end sets this week, Gronk is  Gronk there is no doubt about this but you should hear his praises sung even more this weekend. The Broncos are close to the bottom of the league in defending opponents tight ends giving up Scores in five of eight contests to the position When Gronk busts seams there is no one on this team who can cover him and when he stays in to block Hollister is going to be wide open. WIDE, i expect big things this week from my early year make the roster sleeper.


Don’t get Shook :

Let’s get one thing straight , Von Miller is the most successful cheat in NFL history ( insert applause ) he jumps 90% of snaps and is off-sides on 70% of those jumps 1.3 % of those get called. This does two thing. Gets your QB killed and causes false starts. Now i understand Cannon and Fleming want to keep Brady looking like Brady and looking down field, but don’t bury this team behind the chains with stupid penalties.


Motion sickness :

Yea not altitude-sickness, motion-sickness. Keep these Denver defensive backs confused and wondering who is who and what is what. Use pre-snap motion to get them stacked on top of each other and crossing routes to create space as they set picks on one another, get the DB’s pointing fingers at one another early on and looking for help.


Win the Turnover battle : you saw it coming this isn’t your first dance.


That’s it folks, It may look easy when i spell it out, but trust me it won’t be, As i said the Demon lives up here in the thin air. But i’m convinced TB12 had crew has the right stuff to break through that sound barrier and hit Mach One


Que up Bob Seger …..Get Out Of Denver Baby Go


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