Yes the dreaded Platoon. say it ain’t so Murph. Say it ain’t so. Well it might be. My good friend over at Mass Live Christopher Smith who is down at the Winter Meetings in FLA (PRICK) wrote the Sox could be looking to save some money at first base and not going after a marquee name like Hosmer would save them some cash. He floated out a name i think you should all check out. Link is above, just click on prick. I have another idea, while i was hot for a Hosmer signing myself: Smitty could be right, he more than often is. And if the Red Sox are looking to save i think a platoon at first may be in order.


Logan Morrison :  For the first time in his career Morrison had over 500 AB and he Crushed the ball .246/38/85. His numbers took a dip in the second half but you have to expect that to happen in a players first season walking to the dish this many times. The question is can he keep it up will he turn what may be a career year into a solid option long term at first base. Lets face it in any platoon the man who hits from the left side is your primary player. I think he will.

But you’re asking “ Murph Who is the Righty“ i can hear you asking. You’re all smart people. No the answer isn’t my 14 year old son Butchie

The answer is Sam Travis : Remember him, the reason Morland was only signed to a one year deal in the first place ? True Travis had a very bad by his standard and the Red Sox expectations year at AAA , but he was coming off an ACL tear. 

Dombrowski signing Morrison to a smaller deal than he would have to give Hosmer or Santana would give the Sox more power at first and keep the door open for a talented kid who could still be the long term future at first for Boston.Morrison takes the pressure off Travis allowing him to ease into the season at AAA then platooning after he gets a healthy dose of at bats in Pawtucket.  I am not saying this is what i would do, i will always take the proven big league talent over a prospect. But if my friend Smitty is right and the Sox are looking to save a few bucks. This could be an option.


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