Another Sunday another division foe , For the life of me  i can’t remember a season where the Patriots faced a schedule like this. Starting last week with Miami, now up to Buffalo then down to Miami a trip to Pitt ( fries on sandwiches) then finishing up with another match-up with this Bills team and the Jets  at home. Jeezy Creezy. Now the red headed stepchildren of the sports world “SHANK” may call this “The March of the Tomato Cans” I call it The Gauntlet. Let’s See if Brady and Belichick can Dirty Harry their way through this first obstacle in Orchard Park. Here are my Monster Keys to a Pats victory .


Lock up the Mafia :

Few places in the NFL are as rowdy and rawkus as Buffalo. As i type this on Thursday night  Billsmafia is invading private parking lots, getting lubed up and are already tossing one another through tables, lighting themselves on fire and planning their in game tossing of … Actually let’s not go there. Point being, take this crowd out of the game. Don’t let the Bills feed off the idiots.


Pound The Rock:

Yes the Bills did a magnificent job last week stopping the Chiefs running game. But it’s not that difficult to do with a line that is about as tough as wet tissue-paper. That being said the Bills are feeling good about themselves coming into Sunday. The Pats need to commit to the run early and stay committed to it . In the weeks leading up to the KC Game the Bills surrendered yardage in a manner usually reserved for non-contact practices, giving up over 650 yards and NINE touchdowns in three games.Run Lewis and Burkhead, Left-Right and Up the Middle, Pound this Bills team.


Loco-Motion :

Mad Crazy Motion , Last week the bills did a great job of hiding their coverage’s and blitz packages. Now while you won’t fool Tom Brady this way you can mix up this patchwork Patriots O-Line into making mistakes. Get the Wide-outs in Motion Split Gronk out, get Burkhead and White matched up on the slot and then let Tom find the weak link in the Bills chain .  


Beware the B-Gap:

Yea More Blitz package talk, i fully expect the Bills to try and disguise their packages dropping eight and trying to get to Brady with three linemen,something we all know works( IF you can get to Brady) well. While the Bills shouldn’t blitz a ton they will send Lorenzo Alexander and company to try and get Tom off his spot and mess with timing routs. Beware the B gaps let tom step up into the pocket, and pick up the blitz when it comes.


Win the TO Battle :

I preach it every week but this week it’s more important than ever. The Bills are a plus thirteen in the turnover department in their six wins and a minus seven in their five losses. Take care of the Ball.


Make them March the field:

The Kicking game is going to be very important Sunday. Pin this team deep and force Taylor to march the length of the field.


Contain and Control :

Now that The Pats have the Bills pinned back the Front 77 needs to keep Taylor in the pocket dont let him extend plays and move the chains with his legs


It’s the Real McCoy :

Even with the D playing as well as it has over the past seven weeks it is still allows the most receiving yards to Running Backs in the NFL. Joy here comes McCoy, who must be salivating at the opportunity.Do not let this man beat you.


That’s it folks, i could get into the Red Zone but hell the Pats were five for five all TD  last week and are an amazing Eighteen for Eighteen in the zone over the last four games. Wait , okay own the Red-Zone you get an extra key this week no charge ,

Now that’s it. While the Pats got off to a rocky start this season they have rolled off seven in a row. If this team wants that week off and home field throughout they need to keep beating teams they’re supposed to. This is one of those teams.


P.S. I know Eastwood’s character in the Gauntlet was named Shockley but we all know it was a Dirty Harry Movie in disguise . 


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