There are a few old sayings that always hold up.  it’s better to be lucky than good, it’s better to be smarter than you are talented. The only score that matters is the final score. The Patriots have played five of their last six games on the road and came out of that brutal stretch 5-1 . In each of those six games at least one and sometimes two of those old sayings applied. But the bottom line is in five of them the latter came into play. Now the Patriots get to eat home cooking, sleep in their own beds , lift in a familiar gym, skip the bus and drive their own cars. And see their favorite trainer on game day . ( had to do it ) In short if the Patriots take care of business over the next two weeks they will be rewarded for what has to be the most brutal travel schedule i can remember. Earning a  bye week and will not have to see the road again until a trip to Minnesota for the Superbowl. Here are my monster keys to keeping it at home.

Don’t be Le’Coy about it : LeSean McCoy is one of the best in the business, think what he could do with a real QB and a real set of wide receivers. Hell he’d be Le’Veon Bell. Take look what Bell managed to do last week. the Bills offense runs through McCoy, don’t get cute. Load up the box set the edge and keep this man from moving the chains. McCoy is their first-last and best chance to win on Sunday. And this team is desperate to win on Sunday.

Play with the lead: one thing has been perfectly clear this year, when the Pats get out to an early lead and force teams out of their game plan, things go well. Enough said

Win the Turnover Battle: “Bad Language-Smoking Grass-Poor Caddying” Brian Doyle Murray wasn’t putting up with it in Caddyshack and i’m done with it too, take Care of the ball.  

Run Run Rudolph: Hey it’s Christmas. In the last meeting between these two AFC East rivals ( sorry doesn’t a revelry mean each team beats up on the other ?) the Pats torched this Bills D on the ground. Mr Lewis averaged 6.1 yards per carry, Mr. Burkhead 6.5 yards per carry. Mr White chipped in to help the Pats to their best ground day on the season 191 yards and 2 scores. Lets stick to the script shall we. 

Get it Right on 3rd Down : The Pats have been abysmal on third down the last three weeks… On both sides of the ball, I’m tired of writing about this.

Expect the unexpected: Sean McDermott isn’t stupid. He knows the Patriots are more talented than his Bills. Last time out he tried running a few wild cat plays with Joe Webb and while it wasn’t game saving Webb did bust off one big run, and missed a wide open Travaris Cadet on what would have been an easy Six points just a few plays later. Now i’m not saying this is what Sean will try Sunday but he will try something. Be ready for it.

Play to your strengths: Let Gronk bust up the seams. The run game was dominant last time out, it has to be a focal point this week, use it to set up play action with Gronk. The Bills have no answer for Gronkowski except to clutch and grab him on every play. Yet he still racked up 147 yards on 9 catches. In week 13. After the dirty hit he was suspended for the refs will be keeping a close eye on the bills secondary this time out. They will have to be hands off. And that means big numbers for Rob.

Thats it folks pretty full key ring this week, as i said if IF the pats dont let down IF they stay focused and take care of their own business they could extend these next two home games into four. And and trip to Minnesota in early February.

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