You wouldn’t know it by looking at me but I do enjoy a good read. Growing up with dyslexia this wasn’t always the case. As a child reading was more than a chore it was actually mentally painful to do, When i got older and learned that I actually had a  learning disability and how to better cope with it.  I found that reading had become something that I could truly enjoy. Here is a short list of books that I found real page turners this year and I feel would make a great gift for the reader in your life, or addition to your own library


Tom Brady vs. the NFL: The Case for Football’s Greatest Quarterback by Sean Glennon

Do you like a  good verbal bar-fight ? More importantly do you enjoy winning a good verbal bar-fight or even a good Twitter debate? Most importantly do you enjoy a good read? , if you are that person or know that person and want to enjoy a great read along the way: Tom Brady vs. The NFL the Case For Football’s Greatest Quarterback is the book you should own. Or give this holiday season. In his book Sean Glennon breaks down the greatest argument maybe in sports history, in a way that would make Archie Manning or Joe Montana’s kids believe. 


One Fan’s Story: If This Hat Could Talk By Jared Carrabis


Do you have a young Sox fan in your life? Then this is the gift you want to get them this holiday season, One Fan’s Story as you can tell from it’s title and cover art of Fenway park does nothing to try and gloss over the fact that its author is an unabashed Red Sox fan.  In fact it’s written by the duly elected Massachusetts governor of Red Sox Nation. If you are looking to create a Bibliophile out of your little leaguer, this book is where you want to start.


Relentless: A Memoir By Julian Edelman with

Tom E Curran

I don’t think there has ever been a more fitting title to a memoir. Relentless describes Julian Edelman’s journey from Pop Warner to the NFL to a T. The first half of Relentless not only  brings into focus the type of commitment it took Edelman to achieve his dreams but the dedication not only he but his father Frank had to helping Julian and his siblings do exactly that, Frank Edelman’s “No sniveling” parenting style my not be everyone’s cup of tea but it hit home with me.The Second half, shows Julian’s  growth as a player a  man and a human being, with game stories and anecdotes the reader won’t be disappointed by.


Drive for Five: The Remarkable Run of the 2016 Patriots.By Christopher Price


Let’s get this out of the way, If you hate the Patriots or are a Fan of the Atlanta Falcons, you won’t like this book. I am nothing if not honest. That being said if you are a fan of the Pats or for that matter a person not swayed by propaganda this is one amazing read. Drive for Five is the story of what Tom Brady the Patriots team and organization overcame before the season began and culminating in coming back from the largest deficit in Superbowl history. I mean since the last time they did that, The read is a roller-coaster of emotion. From the 2016 loss to the Broncos, Deflate-gate garbage, starting the season without the greatest QB in the history of the sport, The remarkable 3-1 start, losing Gronk for the season to Goodell handing the Kraft’s the Lombardi i don’t think i spoiled anything . You were all there. What i am trying to say is Chris Price hits everything in this tale. I mean everything.


That’s it my friends. I hope my years of page turning helps you fill a holiday wish or two, maybe even a surprise gift a friend or family member didn’t even know they wanted. after all, those are the best gifts. All of these great books can be found on Amazon or by googling the title and author.


Happy Holidays



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