Go on ask me why I’m smiling, Ask me . Okay I’ll tell you . I am glad Sunday’s game against the Steelers is in Pittsburgh. No I could care less and I’m actually skeeved out by sandwiches served on hunks of white bread with greasy fries packed into them,so i wont be stopping by Primanti Brothers. I’m happy because when this game is over if the Pats turn my keys , and this game goes bad for the Steelers, and it will..Mike Tomlin won’t be able to blame anyone but himself for another Loss to Belichick and Brady. No complaining about warm Gatorade no whining about hearing the Patriots Radio Broadcast in his head and no bitching about the Roger Chants raining down from all around him making it impossible to concentrate, I’m shocked he hasn’t bitched about the lack of a tampon dispensers in the visiting locker room in Foxboro.  Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory.

Bring the Nitrous

I want the Pats to get out and up fast on this Steelers D. I don’t just want to see no huddle – I want the red-button pushed. Get the ball snapped with 23- 24-25 seconds left on the play clock.  This works on multiple levels. One it gets Brady into a rhythm. Two it keeps this young Steelers secondary heads spinning.  Three it keeps Tomlin from getting fresh legs on the field.  Four it forces his hand scheme-wise so even if he wants to switch things up and play more man this time around, he won’t be able to get the personnel on the field he needs to – his players will be blown by half.  


Commit to the run and stick with the run, the lack of play action is a massive reason why the Pats had difficulty Monday Night. Make the Steelers respect the run and it opens up everything else.

A Fine Gronking

This game can and should be all about the return of Rob Gronkowski. In Five games facing the Steelers Gronk averages as close to 100 yards per as you can get: and has 2 THREE touchdown games against them. Let me repeat that: TWO 3 TD games. With the Steelers second level as banged up as it is  there is no reason on God’s green earth that Rob shouldn’t be able to exploit the seams and bully the guys on the outside.

Can I Get an Amen-Dola ?

Please? I’m begging you to take Danny out of the garage before the fourth quarter. We see it time and again, all the man does is move the chains. And open things up for the men on the outside.


Win the turnover Battle and Own the Zone.

Okay i decided to expand my weekly win the turnover reminder. Owning the Red Zone on both sides of the ball is going to be critical this week. Punch it in and limit them to three’s.

Up the conversion rate :

Can’t get worse than Monday nights O’fer. This goes back to my first key the Pats played from behind the chains and there were too many second and third and long plays. The Pats need to convert on 60% of their opportunities this week.

Let’s Keep our integrity:

Nothing gets my Gamma up more than a lack of integrity, When the Pats get beat on the ground a lack of gap integrity is the reason why, with Bell in the backfield and assumed healthy (Cheatleers) this could be a serious issue if not remembered.

PRESS Cover Three…..

I expect The Hoodie and DC Matt Patricia to mix things up a lot Sunday this press cover three shell allows them to do that. Many of you are thinking Brown will burn past this coverage as Gilmoor and Butler won’t have the cushion. But playing press cover 3 with Devin McCourty to bail them out is the way I think Bill and Matt should go. The press keeps Bathroom Benny from throwing quick outs to the sidelines and Brown from getting the YAC he lives off of, and allows Chung to move downhill in run support. The trick is Gilmore and Butler can’t whiff on the jam. 

The Untouchable One

Tom needs to have a clean pocket this week to step up into. A step left a step right is understandable during the course of a game but Brady cant be ducking for his life and carry this team to a victory. TB12 needs to be able to step forward, and into his throws


Thats it my rabid readers, I had to get a little deep this week you can see the key ring is full. I had to double cut one to fit two locks, but this week they were needed. Lets just hope BB is thinking along the same lines I am and EVERYONE is doing their job.



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