Back in the 1920’s a group of fools got together, chopped down a mangrove swamp and built a city. That City is Miami ,Quite honestly it’s been all downhill from there. Now whether you like the city or not is completely up to you, Personally I can’t stand it. For some it’s a landscape museum of art-deco architecture and views of Biscayne bay, For some it’s a place to take your talents. For me it’s where interstate 95 goes to die. A hot-humid-mess of a town that was built on a swamp and rebuilt on cocaine.  A town that hangs onto the glory days of the 70’s like a gator would  a snowbirds chihuahua . A city in complete denial that it will be under water in 50 years. The same denial when they talk about the greatness of Double Dealing Don Shula and Marino. For Christ sake you would think they won five Super Bowls. When you get right down to it the pair of “All time Greats”  never did more than sniff one Lombardi.This column will come back to haunt me one day when i run for president but you know what?, FUCK IT. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory

Set The Damn Edge:

Somewhere back in the long ago ( Doobie Brothers shout out ) actually not at all it was just two short weeks back the Pats did one hell of a job stopping the run against this Dolphins team. 67 yards on 19 carries, Followed up immediately by last weeks pathetic effort in Orchard Park : 191 net rushing ( could you feel my eyes rolling ? I knew you could ) In one week they set the edge and the next they did not.  i expect to see more of the former this week down at the Hard Rock, Set the edge and don’t let this team beat you on the ground.


Get up early :

It;s always easier to play D when you only have to defend one aspect of the game. Forcing the Dolphins to play from behind and have to sling it helps this D tremendously it will more than likely be 120 degrees with a matching dew point Monday Night  (Shula will find a way ) so let’s make it as easy on this depleted Defense as we can shall we Tom ?

Don’t Lose Track of Landry & Stills :

Do i need to explain this ? okay for the new folks , let Malcolm Butler man up on Jarvis Landry get in his face and play his style of football. Maybe you cheat down a Safety. Landry deserves that respect.

Kenny Stills is the field stretcher, and he does it pretty well Lucky for the Pats they have a CB who can stick with him stride for stride. Get Gilmore in his face Bump bump … oops five yards hands off RUN !!!

Listen this is an immensely talented group of receivers , Landry -Stills – Parker and Thomas all have skill and  a chip on their shoulder, they will get theirs, what the Patriots defensive backs need to do is be on the scene and make sure they don’t get that YAC.

Make Hogan the Hero :

Yes Gronk is out. No i don’t want to see More Dwayne Allen, Nope no nooooooo thank you, okay he can come in and block, happy now ? Hogan will be on the field Sunday and BB doesn’t play guys who can’t get the job done on every down. Let Hogan run Gronk’s patterns and move the chains.

Keep Tommy Clean:

In the last match-up it felt like Brady got hit by Suh and his cheap-shot minions on every play. Late Hits-Hits to the Head- Leg Whips to his knee. Pathetic . Protect the Franchise Gentleman, The Line needs to be on point and the receivers need to get quick separation allowing TB12 to get rid of the ball  quick.

Some semblance of balance please:

On my show One Patriots Place (Catch it here WBLZ ) My radio partner( Steve Balistreri )  cut this key, to be honest with the Dolphins secondary i had not thought about this aspect of this game until he mentioned it. I was looking to straight sling this weekend. But upon further review STEVE was right, Keep it mixed up keep Miami honest. P.S Steve’s always right ,,,, Check him out at



Win The turnover battle  yea i know I’m a broken record ….


That’s it folks i think vented enough in my opening, lets hope the Pats listen to me once again and get to 9 in a row.


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