I sat here looking at a blank page for at least five minutes. Maybe seven. After that i wrote show up thirteen times, I Back spaced and poured a scotch. A really Good Scotch.i have to be honest. This week i was struggling, struggling to find that hook that keeps you reading that pulls you into my world and keeps you coming back every week. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, the thing i have asked so many players who I’ve seen mail it in time after time when nothing was on the line, WHERE IS YOUR PRIDE MURPHY?, the family is depending on you. I do pride myself on the first hundred or so words of our weekly sit downs, Others in the lame stream may forget week six but not me, I  remember every face every vendetta. I remember the JETS were up 14-Zip at one point in the first match-up, i remember they were driving up 14-7 with three left in the half before Butler picked up TB12 with an INT that turned the tide of the game. Be honest losing to the Jersey boys sucks more than anything in life.I know Brady doesn’t want to go out like Tony Soprano and i’ll be damned if i do either, We see everyone walking into the diner we know who they are, where they are and why they are here..to put a Boom Boom in our eye, Here are my monster keys to beating Gangrene.

Tighten up Third Down, I won’t go into the numbers you’ve seen them up close and personal. There is no key on my  ring bigger than owning third down, the Jets have been really good lately in this area holding down both Philip Rivers and Drew Breez., Set the tone early. Get Amendola in the game on third down and move the chains.

Beware Neo AKA Mr. Anderson : Robby Anderson is no longer the “stretch the field guy “ the Nebraska Undrafted Free Agent has worked hard to turn himself into a Number one receiver. Oh you don’t think he;s a #1 ? in his sophomore season he is just 61 yards shy of his first thousand yard season. And is averaging close to 15 yards per catch. Lock him down

Bad things come in threes : Like Austin-Seferian-Jenkins. Who caught a first quarter TD. Alas Part of this season’s B/s narrative “ The Patriots always get the call “ has to do with ASJ  2nd TD turned TB . that was fun. In the fourth quarter of the October game Seferian Jenkins lost control of a ball thanks to Malcolm Butler just before he crossed the goaline and it turned a touchdown into a touch-back, ASJ was pissed he will be looking for some payback week 17.

Speed Traps : Over the course of the season the Jets have implemented Speed Packages on D utilizing seven DB’s and up to four safeties on the field at the same to confuse and trap opposing Quarterbacks who see this sea of green and don’t know who’s coming or going. This works in not only creating turnovers but in lost yardage as the Jets wil blitz from all over the field. Fortunately the Pats have the answer in getting the ball out quick and running backs who can pick up the Blitz. 

Rumble young Man Rumble: When the temp dips this far below freezing its time to run the football. Dion Lewis is more than happy to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. The Jets are a decent team vs the run but you need to be better than decent when facing Mr Lewis. Let us not forget Brandon Bolden averaged ten yards a carry last week. The O Line is clicking, Ride this wave 

Get Outside: The Jets defend the pass well , with three hundred DB’s on the field they should, But even though Brady didn’t have an MVP day back in the first meeting that doesn’t mean he can exploit any team on any given Sunday. The Jets will clog the middle of the field Sunday afternoon. their pass rush is one of the worst in the league. The Pats at least get pressure., Outside the hash marks is were Tom needs to live. Look for Cooks to add to his already 1K yard season and Kenny Britt to get more action than he saw in his first week as a Patriot.

Win the Turnover Battle: I never forget ,

That’s it Family . i cut the keys all the Pats need to do is turn them, and send this crew back to Jersey where they call sauce gravy , as always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter at @Tmurph207



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