Well people who do you want?

Player A: .284/20/87 … .342/.439/.781 25 Mill a year for probably 7 years


Player B :.252/23/76 …… ,326/.443/769 6.5 Mil a year for 2


Player B is the answer, Mitch Moreland is player B  a fine baseball player, he has a good glove, in fact he is just a year removed from winning a gold one, He gives you 20 HR and 75 RBI a year, Like many of you i was a bit taken aback by Dealin Dave resigning Moreland when Eric Hosmer Player A was on the Market. Hosmer is a gold glove winner he’s played for a world series and won it and is a bit better in the pop department. But is that bit worth 20 million more a season ? I like Dombrowski am no longer so sure, IF <~~~ that’s a big if .


If the end game is bringing in a big bat this and next year. J.D. Martinez could be the answer to  this years end of that statement, with Morland signed for the next two seasons at a very friendly 13 million it gives dave the wiggle room to add Martinez this season and if he plays his cards right shed more salary to  bring in Bryce Harper next year, It’s A gamble, a big gamble, but one that if it pays off makes the Red Sox a lot more scary than handing over Nine Figures to Hosmer and J.D Martinez.


The Salary that can be shed is Hanley Martinez. Who needs 497 plate appearances to vest his 22 million dollar option for next season. A risky move on its own. With Moreland signed and hopefully healthy he will eat up most of the AB’s at first. If J.D comes to Boston to primarily DH and play as the fourth OF ( Something the Sox desperately need ) it eats into Hanleys DH at bats and spells Mookie JBJ and Benny Baseball , ( I don’t care that he likes biceps as a nickname you don’t get to choose your own nickname ) But there is downside.

The Toxicity of an unhappy Hanley in the clubhouse.


Hanley knows if JD signs here his days are numbered. if he doesn’t know his agent Andy Mota will let him know. This will be trouble for new Sox Skipper Alex Cora, Hanley is already a Diva of epic proportions. imagine what he will be like with 22 million on the line.



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