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I don’t know Seth Wickersham from a hole in the wall. I do know how ESPN dysfunctions. And i can tell you this. Dysfunction Junction is doing cartwheels this morning. You all know how ESPN can take semi-truths-broken truths and half truths and turn them into facts with a few keystrokes “ Sources Say” or my favorite, “Those close to and with knowledge of the situation” . this article by Mr.Wickersham is littered with this verbiage. Ever notice how close the words verbiage and garbage sound ? Let’s break down, Seth’s verbiage into what we all tossed away and what he pulled from the recycle bin.


Wickersham opens up his bombing of Foxborough with the enlightened take on Bradys storming off the field and getting into a shouting match with Josh Mcdaniels during the Bills game on December third. This was used to show the masses how unrosey things are in New England ? How deeply strained Toms relationship is with Belichick ? Or just how irritable Tom Brady is this year ? I’m really not sure. What i am sure of is this. After this particular incident the talking heads at ESPN went off the deep end asking why Tom Brady is never held accountable for outbursts like this and guys like Cam Newton and others are. You see Tom Brady has argued on the sidelines with every OC he has ever played for.So i guess Toms unhappiness with the Hoodie existed under Charlie Weis and Bill O’Brien whom as Tom has done on multiple occasions with McDaniels argued with on the sideline, in meeting rooms and I’m sure behind closed doors. He also highlighted how unhappy Tom is by pointing out he did this in front of McDaniels legendary father who was in the stands and could hear everything, every word. Even an F Bomb. My god the horror. wonder if Charlie’s wife and kids ever heard Tom go off on Daddy ?

So Sure

After this crushing opening Seth went on to talk about the feelings of “ Unprecedented Entitlement” that permeate from Gillette… Patriots Entitlement , words used to pander to the mass of Patriots haters eager to point and click at is headline., he also tossed in “Cheating” later in his column-article-hatchet job ( well done Sir pander to that base). This is where Seth conveniently buried the fact that no one would go on the record about anything he is reporting. and added that the Patriots themselves said when asked to comment before publication. 



” in the only statement anyone associated with the team would make on the record for this story, responded to specific questions by saying that there are”

Some Patriots Guy

“several inaccuracies and multiple examples given that absolutely did not occur,”

 Notice Seth even though it was on the record never named the person who went on the record. Because that would give weight and credence to the statement … Bravo Seth or Editor .

Now we get to the recycle bin. You know the tin cans the old news you put in the blue box so people like ESPN can pull them out and line their cat box with or pour the fat off into. Belichick tossed Toms business partner Alex Guerrero out on the street. Going into great detail how Brady and Guerrero were splitting the team with contradictory advice to the trainers on staff. Even using the word CULT in his piece. And how players felt forced to see Guerrero or they would alienate their  quarterback, These are all story lines we had already known, Sans the Scientology twist and alienation . Reported on by insiders like Tome Curran, Mike Giardi and others much closer to the situation in great detail. Now punched up by Seth for shock and awe value.  “Are You Not Entertained ?” We all knew Bill moved Guerrero out because he wanted his players all on the same page with his training staff. Any other speculation is nothing but that.


The famous story of Belichick taking Brady to task saying once “ The QB at Foxborough high could make that throw” Has been played to death, Now though according “people close to Tom” it seems Tom has had enough, According to a close friend He’s Mad as Hell and He’s not Going to Take This anymore. I don’t know about you but i don’t know many if  any outside his family that are close to Tom, Everything the man does is either family or team related. Kind of makes me feel good about myself because that’s basically the way i live. Nothing wrong with it. But lets digress. I find it hard to believe that this is the year Brady decided to have a hissy fit over being treated like everyone else. and it made him feel insecure with Garoppolo looking over his shoulder. I guess even with all the players who Seth pointed out now calling  GM Tom “Sir” he still felt threatened ?  

Mentoring the Next Generation is never high on any players list of things to do. Let alone a QB. Yet Seth goes into great detail as to how Brady didn’t do this for any of his backups over the years, this is more non-story filler, the bit about TB12 doors being locked on Jimmy when he wanted to go there after his shoulder injury last year sound contradictory to my ears. Like product placement. Others felt forced to go but Jimmy was shut out ? then eventually allowed to see the (Great and Powerful Oz) only after “high ranking Patriots” called to see why the cult leader who Belichick wanted out because he had to much control over the players thinking, demanded he be seen . Nice cover your ass moment here.

Now we get to it The Trade. The contract; You – I – everyone knows Belichick liked Jimmy he thought he was the player to take this team into the 2020’s to keep them relevant to keep them in contention. Tom is forty , this is why Bill did not trade Garoppolo at the draft. He wanted to see how Tom would play at forty and the man hasn’t skipped a beat , leading the league in many categories and doing it with a pieced together receiving corp that is so fresh to the system and so banged up any other QB in the league would have a hard time going 6-10 with . Yet Tom used to once again take the Top Seed in the AFC and once again be a part of MVP talk. Yes Jimmy was offered a contract multiple times to stay as the backup, was there one put in writing? i doubt it. Talks happen but why put anything in writing when you can’t offer Jimmy what he wanted most, A chance to play. Brady is just too good even at forty to give Garoppolo a date when that may happen. Belichick likes Garoppolo, he did the kid a solid by trading him someplace he could succeed, not to hurt his team. To help a player who had been a good soldier and whom he personally likes. Bill said in his post rade presser that they played this out as long as they could. That’s what he did. Because it was his call, It’s always his call. he waited he watched. He saw the same man he saw at 40 he saw at 30. Remember this is the man who traded Drew Bledsoe in his prime. A player Kraft loves and talks about like a son, a number one pick, an all pro to a division rival. You will never convince me he didn’t have the power or authority to do the same now.


What Seth Wickersham did in his piece ( Found Here ) is take the 2017 patriots headline timeline and fill in the bits with what he wanted to. He tossed out  trigger words like deflate-gate, cult, spy-gate, cheating, entitlement and most importantly Power Struggle in an effort to excite the readers in one fashion or another. It was beautifully timed, exquisitely crafted and perfectly edited to evoke response from all sides.  I dont think I’ve read a piece of semi-fiction this well written since Moby Dick or the Wells Report. But Brady, Belichick and Kraft will use this as they do everything. It’s Us against the world and ride it too two more Super Bowl titles.


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