Brady Walks Tall and Carries a Big Stick


Tom Brady has a breaking point . That point was reached today when Patriots Media Czar Stacy James informed Tom that Alex Reimer WEEI radio host insulted his FIVE year old daughter Vivian-Lake Brady.


Last week on the Mutt at Night show Reimer and Show host Mike Mutnansky were discussing Tom Brady’s docuseries Tom vs Time. It seems Reimer main focus on this shows first installment was not the hard work training or commitment that Tom puts into his daily life to be able to perform at the level he does every Sunday. But the look into his personal life what goes on in his home. Part of this peek was a short sixty to ninety seconds of delight that to most was heart melting, as young Vivian was joyously reminding her daddy that she had a soccer game today and her friend was coming for a sleep-over, you would think cue the awws. Well not in Mr Reimers world. To Reimer who if you look at his Twitter Account prides himself on being a local “ Hero “. Chose to point out what he thought of the happy five year old cherub, Calling her an . “ annoying little pissant” . As you can well imagine the Twittersphere exploded on Reimer.This writer included, about a grown man attacking not Tom Brady’s child but a child.


This was the straw that Broke Brady’s back. Hymn Roth famously said about the death of his friend Mo Green in The Godfather “ This is the Business we’ve Chosen” Tom Brady and his wife Giselle Bundchen have lived their lives this way. Accepting any and all criticism tossed their way. It comes with the territory. That territory does not include their children. Young Vivian and her siblings did not chose this life, they were born into it. And do not deserve this kind of treatment from anyone never mind a radio host on a station Tom has been working with for as long as i can remember. Now to go even deeper into how Tom understands who he is and what he has signed up for. Brady has ignored being called a liar by people employed at this station, a cheat, a snake oil salesman and most recently a PED user by writer and radio personality John Tomase who ten years ago slandered and liable the Patriots by publishing a story that the Pats taped the Rams walk through before the Superbowl in 2001.. All water off Brady’s back. But Tom reminded us all today he is human you can go after me , maybe you can take a verbal swing at his wife But do not come after his children.


Tom Brady holds a large bat in his hand. A bat that has immense power. A Bat that until today he has never swung, today Tom took his cut and cut his interview with Kirk and Callahan short with the simple statement


“I’ve tried to come on this show for many years and showed you guys a lot of respect,” Brady said. “I’ve always tried to come on and do a good job for you guys. It’s very disappointing when you hear that, certainly. My daughter, or any child, certainly don’t deserve that.”

The quarterback also added, “I really don’t have much to say about it this morning.”


Brady said he is going to assess whether he wants to continue doing weekly interviews with WEEI. On Jan. 24, the Patriots and WEEI’s parent company, Entercom, announced an extension of the existing partnership, which includes weekly interviews with Brady and coach Bill Belichick. I guess will see how that goes.


As of now Alex Reimer “ Local Hero “ is as silent as his Twitter feed. suspended indefinitely from WEEI.  Slanderer John Tomase and the others who have criticized Brady are still on air. Tom showing his power bat can still be used for contact. Come at me fine. I can take it. Don’t fuck with my kids


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