For Six straight years the Patriots have played for an AFC title. Six Straight. In each of those years the Pats have had a well deserved extra week to rest up and prep for their playoff run. This year makes seven consecutive bye weeks for the Patriots. Tom Brady hasn’t lost in this round since the JETS won their second Super Bowl in 2010 ( Think About it , Laugh , Now we can move on ). There have been close halves, like last year against the Texicans and great games like in 2014 against the Ravens ( Hows the golf game John?) but lets digress, it’s been a while since TB12 has dropped one this early in the second season. I don’t know about you but i think it will take an act of God for this Titans team to come in here on saturday night and knock off this crew. Here are my Monster Keys to Pats victory

Protect the Franchise : Keeping Brady upright and clean should always be a part of if not the # 1 Key to each column i write, but this week with so much on the line i couldn’t leave it out never mind further down the ring. The Titans don’t do a lot right but one thing they can do as a group is get after the Quarterback. Derrick Morgan – Brian Orakpo and Jurrell Casey would all lead the Patriots in the Sack department. Limit the pressure up the middle and push the edge guys back past the pocket. Let Brady step up and hit his targets.


Win the Turnover Battle : every week. like going to church. Win the turnover battle.


Own The Zone : Red Zone football is wining football punch it in make them settle , This is Patriots Football.


Limit the Laundry: the titans are one of the least penalized teams in the NFL , In short they won’t hurt themselves, the Pats have been very disciplined this year they need to keep it up, dont give this team free downs. Because they wont give you any. 

Contain and Control : Mariota while not a QB that brings to mind Danger Wilson or RGIII certainly is in the  mobile quarterback category. he uses his legs smartly, not ripping off huge dashes for the end zone, but to move the chains. . keep him in the pocket. Don’t let Marcus complete passes to himself. 

The Power Of Cheese : yes it’s cheesy to be a run first team. it’s cheesy to be a  guy who likes ground and pound football (thats me)….But this week the Pats had better respect the cheddar that Derek Henry can bring to any game. Last week Henry went off on KC and we have all witnessed the complete lack of respect the Pats can have in setting an edge. Base up 3-4 and Take away their best weapon.

You are the weakest Link goodbye: the titans weak link on D is covering Running Backs catching the ball out of the backfield and Tight Ends ….. To bad the Pats dont have  anyone who can exploit that weakness, i feel a fine Gronking coming on. use Gronkowski to stretch the field and open up the middle. Keep the legs fresh. Ride Burkhead-Lewis and White’s YAC to move the chains. 

 Special teams needs to on point this week: Force Tennessee into long drives give Mariota time to make mistakes. He will, 15 INT’s . This is not the time of the year to muff punts – miss three’s or extras.


That’s All folks, sure i could go into the mistakes Andy Reid made last week; Go on and on about Delanie Walker and the theory of relativity  but i don’t get paid by the word and this should do the Job and get the Patriots on to their 7th straight AFC title game

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