I spent my youth traveling the world, I’ve been to the Far East , Europe , Central and South America, Australia, i’ve seen some amazing things. One day i will sit down and write a book and spin tales of my favorite places – Murphys guide to the 50 places you have to see, before you die.  For those of you who know me well you know of all the countries i’ve been to  – my least favorite is Florida. And Jacksonville ?


Even Florida doesn’t want to own up to owning Jacksonville. I was there once and once was enough.  Starving and on the advise of my good friend Wade Wilson who told me there was a lovely TGI Fridays there, I jumped off one of Florida’s “ highways” and made for the Oasis. While sitting in my booth awaiting  my Fajitas I gazed out at the parade of police cars responding to shots fired calls coming from the police scanner the bartender kept atop the cash register – I assume to entertain the locals who sat doing shot after shot of rotgut whisky cheering “FUCK YEA JACKSONVILLE” every time the dispatcher voice was heard.  I’d like to think they were too uneducated to realize they were Huzzah-ing a  city named after the most racist mother fucker who ever walked the face of the earth, but considering I saw more Confederate Flags waving from the back of F-150’s in this one parking lot than I might have in my entire life – I think they knew and reveled in it. All I could think is I wished I’d gotten this order to go and couldn’t wait to get my hands around Deadpool’s puny little neck… Here are My Monster Keys to the AFC title:


Let’s Play Blackjack: while watching every insufferable Jacksonville game prepping for this week, I found one I liked more than any – Shock – it was the Jimmy G 49ers game in week sixteen.  What’s the magic number in blackjack? Right twenty one – and that’s the personnel grouping the Niners for the most part ran in hanging 44 points on the Jags. two Wideouts one TE  two RB.  What do the Patriots do best?  Run 21 . Devlin and Lewis Devlin and White,  Lewis and Burkhead.. Get into 21 Run the Fucking Rock; Set up play-action and let TB move his chess pieces when he sees the mismatches.


Get Chippy : Yannick Ngakoue – Malik Jackson – Donte Fowler , pick your poison, these three are the venom spit by the Jags fangs. While having Devlin in the backfield will do a lot to help the running game Tom needs to drop back from time to time. Let Gronk and – yes I can’t believe i’m saying – this Dwayne Allen chip the ends and release, own the middle

Danny Amen-Dola: This isn’t your first rodeo people, you know how I feel about Danny , I said last week if you were dropped into a bar and had never watched a Patriots game before you would think his first name was First Down, I know what I said earlier but you can’t live in 21.

Make Bortles a Pedestrian: a more than pedestrian effort came from Blake last Sunday against the Steelers….Excuse me I had to chuckle …. Okay back to it. No one has to tell Blake Bortles his arm sucks.  He knows it and has proved it by using his legs more than any QB in the postseason 123 yards on 15 carries. Not too shabby. Gap integrity is they key here Don’t let bortles move the sticks with his.

Get in the Way Back Machine: well not too wayback – lets just go back to XLIX . Bill and Josh did exactly what I wanted in that game, ran go routes.  I want to see this all day Sunday. Let Cooks and Hogan drag the dynamic duo Bouye and Ramsey out of the picture. Open up the middle of the field and let Tom Feast off short and  intermediate throws.


Win the TO Battle: how do bad teams win ball games? Extra Possessions. How do good teams blow ball games?  By giving those bad teams extra possession and short fields. I really don’t care if the Pats get a pick or recover a fumble on Sunday – just don’t let the Jags.

Call the Taxidermist: I want this Jag run game stuffed and mounted. I mentioned earlier gap integrity was going to be important.  If you watched the Steelers game a week ago you saw what freelancing will do against a backs as talented as these two are.  Leonard Fournette should be the # one priority of the front seven. Don’t lose track of  Yeldon.


Thats it folks, i could get into keeping Brady clean , make them settle for threes, go up tempo, own third down on both sides of the ball and converting in the red zone but, wait i just did that, Okay all bases covered, as always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tumurph207


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