I get it , I understand completely, you hate the Patriots and with good reason. They win. They win like no team in NFL history, it’s okay I’ve been there,you can confide in me.See i grew up a Patriots fan. i lived through Bob Griese and “The Perfect Dolphins”, Jim Kelly.and The Bills, the Marino Years, Joe Cools 49ers and witnessed The Steel Curtain. I’ve sat in your seat for countless single digit win seasons, hell single win season, hoping each coaching change from Rush to Fairbanks, Fairbanks to Erhardt to Bullough hell that was all in one year. I survived Dick MacPherson, and Rod Rust , I’ve seen shit show owners and GM’s who didn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. I’ve watched this franchise come inches away from being moved to St Louis or in the minds of some worse: Hartford.

I understand your hate. It burns in me every time i see Don Shula or the Jets logo, I hated OJ long before any of us knew the monster that he really was.Years of dashed hopes and dreams turned to decades of despair. I’ve been “cheated” by the Raiders and lost because of the Refs. I see you Bills-mafia : I would hate Tom Brady if i was 3-28 against him (wow there’s that number again). There are six teams in this league of parity that are winless O’fer vs Tom Brady. I want you to know I feel your pain Jacksonville – Atlanta – Chicago – Tampa Bay- Minnesota. I get it .Dallas I understand you’re the COWBOY’s “America’s Team” and you haven’t been able to beat The Patsy’s in 17 years. I hear you all. And I understand. But I don’t care.

No one shed a tear for the nine year old me when Sugar Bear was flagged for a phantom roughing the passer call against the Raiders in 76’.Where was the sympathy when that spoiled brat Chucky Sullivan suspended Fairbanks before the Houston game in 78’ sending the Pats into the off-season and back to mediocrity? Not one of you gave a damn when the Bears: Superbowl Shuffled over the Pats in 86. Or when the tuck rule was used against the Pats or a Gronk TD wasn’t a TD. You didn’t give a damn when an obscure special teams rule handed the JETS a W costing New England home field in the payoffs.Where was the outrage when the only ball that was 2 PSI under happen to be the one the colts intercepted? you didn’t care then and still don’t.


You can reach for Phoney Gate stories (Spy and Deflate) you can bitch and moan about what a catch is or isn’t, you can wish to high heaven that a Rule was not a Rule, and if it is it should only be used against the Patriots. Scream about camera placement and ignore third grade science. You can complain that EVERY call goes the Pats way. If that’s what you have to do to sleep at night okay I don’t care.

 Please talk about the EASY road the Patriots get every year playing in the AFC East. And Ignore the walk through Montana had in an NFC west that consisted of his Niners the Rams and two teams that spent a decade crisscrossing 3 time zones to play Joe Cool. Or the Colts, my god the Colts. Playing in that juggernaut AFC South. I know Brady made fools of MVP’s and Hall of fame QB’s on his way to eight super bowls and winning all five of his titles. When your miniature “goats” couldn’t get close to a fifth or went one and done in the playoffs NINE TIMES. I don’t care…. 


In the end Brady Belichick are Left standing alone. As alone as you can be surrounded by a grateful Patriots Nation that believes in them. Because like it or not, sometimes  a Catch is not a Catch. and a Fumble is not a Fumble, and Camera placement doesn’t mean a got damn thing. Come to grips or dont that a division will look awful when Tom Brady drops back and dismantles it with a group of players you never heard of before and never did again after they left. By the way, TB12 has as good or a better winning percentage against what ever division your team resides in as he does the AFC Easy. And realize you will get all the calls when their coaching staff stress week after week not to jump, dont do anything stupid to get us behind the chains. Studies officiating crews and call plays they know that ref threw flags on a week earlier. Go on and blindly Hate, My Eyes are Wide open  


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