Let me apologize for the grim headline. But it is if nothing else a good question staring into 2018 opening day. Last year the Red Sox belted a staggering 168 home-runs , Staggeringly Low . The Boston Red Sox dead last in the American League and ahead of just 3 teams in major league baseball in home-runs The Red Sox. Even if Mookie – Hanley – JBJ – Benny Biceps and Xander add 10 dingers each to their mediocre 2017 slash lines that still leaves them deep in a hole looking up at the rest of the AL East. that my friends is not a nice hole to be in.

I have tried my level headed best to figure a way out . I’ve looked at this from every angle I even thought about ( Advanced Metrics ) relax i said thought about . But no matter what I do, no matter the angle i take no matter how i do the math, i keep coming up with one answer. JD Martinez.

The Sox need another bat. while a right handed bat in an already righty heavy lineup is not what the doctor ordered the best stick available is JD Martinez. I have said on many occasions in the past i hate to pay for career seasons in a contract year, but in 2018 I am not seeing many if any way around this. A full season of Eduardo Nunez is not the answer. The cupboard is bare. Dombrowski has no chips left to even ante-up, all he has left is money to spend. The Sox can’t survive this season with another 50 from last years lineup they need 40 more just to compete. they need someone to solidify the middle of this order. the only place i see that coming is from J.D. While i applaud the teams hard line in not overpaying, not bidding against themselves the way they have in the past. Make no mistake this move still has to be made and if Davy Boy doesn’t get it done? It’s going to be a long hard road for this Rookie Manager.

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