My Monster Keys to Patriots SBLII Victory



I know you’re here to listen to me wax poetically on how deeply I hate Philadelphia. Well far be it from me to let you down my friends. Philly, a town that prides itself on booing Santa, cheering spinal injuries and assaulting horses – how could I pass on that opportunity? A town so vile the United States of America chose to build a city from scratch rather than keep it as the capitol. A town so depraved so corrupt so perverted, they put Cheez-Wiz on their signature food. I hate this town so much i rooted for Apollo Creed in every movie and have never watched Wahlberg’s Invincible. And I can’t wait to see The Patriots send the “ Iggles ” and their fans back to their rowhouses crying in the Sang – Wiches, WIT- ONJIN – WIT-WIZ and Wit-Out any excuses. “If we only had Wentz”. Here are my monster Keys to Patriots SIXTH Superbowl.


Respect your Elders : how do you show you’re elders respect, you don’t let anyone get in their face. Put Brady in the shotgun and keep Fletcher Cox, Chris Long and company out of his grill. Give TB12 3 seconds that’s all I’m asking.


Get Fast Get Furious: No huddle is going to be part of the game plan. it should be a huge part, keep them from rotating in fresh legs. score early make the Eagles chase.  Use the score to help force them to abandon the run.  


Slant – Cross – Score – Repeat: I was talking with my good friend Evan Lazar and was not shocked at all that we were on the exact same page when it came to attacking what you have to admit is a very good Eagles D. We both focused on what the Giants did this year to Philly. TWICE. The Eagles play a soft off-man coverage and this is taylor made for TB to exploit. Will they go exclusively with this look, no but when you get tight you run home to Mama.  Use the middle of the field and move the chains with in-routs and slants. Can I get an Amen-Dola? Yes I can.


Hit that hole Hit the Edge and Cutback Quick: Man cannot live on the pass alone. Well not in the Superbowl.  While I don’t expect to see a ton of play action Sunday, a semblance of balance is needed. If and when Tom wants to go deep they need to bite. The Eagles are monsters against the run and hesitation is opposing offenses biggest mistake. Get into the hole and take what you can, get to that edge and take what you can. Get this D over aggressive and THEN cut back to daylight. While they have been stout against running games, the Eagles have given up huge gains when you run or pitch out to the Left side or you get them flowing in one direction then cut back.  Get to the second level and life only gets better.

A Fine Gronking:  scouting teams vs the TE is very difficult. Simply put, the TE is not a position that is very deep or utilized the way it was 30 years ago. Lets just look at these numbers though.


In Two games the Eagles gave up 199 yards and two TD to the Redskins.

In One game they gave up more than 11 yards per reception and a TD to the Seahawks.

In One game they gave up 103 yards and a score to the Chiefs  


Three games where your main focus defending the passing game should be stop the TE and they didn’t get it done. You should see the smile on my face right now. Get Gronk involved early and watch everything else open up.

 Win the Turnover Battle: Since week 13, Nick Foles has thrown 4 interceptions – that number should have been higher.  But the Raiders dropped two and the Boys dropped one. They have lost 12 fumbled balls on the season and 4 in the last four games. Take care of the ball and go get it.


Disguise coverages: Foles has a hard time reading coverage when you move. When you blitz from different spots he doesn’t see it coming – show blitz, back off, pick. Show cover and hit from the blind side. My next key will show why this is possible.


Eyes Are The Window to Foles Soul: Nick Foles likes to stare. He does it so often he should be sent to human resources. I’ve watched film of him this year and from 2013 where he is actually staring at his target before the snap!!


Stuff that Run. We are all familiar with how easy things can be when Blount gets crunchy. Jay Ajayi has been the focus of this run game since his trade get them to abandon the run.  Don’t forget about Corey Clement


Own Third Down: This has been a sore spot all year, just one game ALL Patriots nation asks.


Own the Red Zone: no one makes life harder for their opponent inside the twenty. Let’s keep it up.


This is it folks. There is one game left.  Only one team gets to go out winners and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have given you all that gift five times. Like no other season in their history it truly is the Patriots against the world. Tom and Bill and company have waded thru the media muck and and stand sixty minutes away from Brady holding the world’s greatest championship in his hands for the Sixth time in his career. Enjoy Patriots Nation Enjoy

well my rabid readers, it has been an amazing year. I want to thank you all for coming back every week to check out my ramblings. putting a few of my keys on your ring.
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