Niner’s Trade and Spend Wisely

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 10: Jimmy Garoppolo #10 of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates with general manager John Lynch after the game against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium on December 10, 2017 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

In a not so shocking move the second smartest front office in the NFL has inked the second best quarterback to wear a Patriots uniform over the past decade. After being handed a sweetheart deal by Bill Belichick and having to give up only a second round pick and seeing him win all five of his starts for a 1-10 team the Niner’s had seen enough and weren’t going to let this drag out into the off season any further than they had too. They also were not going to waste a franchise tag they could use in a smarter way. And Handed Jimmy Garoppolo the richest contract in NFL History. Five years 137.5 Million with 74 Million in guarantees , brilliant. Think i’m crazy ? Think again, before this move the Niner’s had close to 120 million in cap space. Now you see where i’m going with the second smartest front office in the NFL ? No lets go deeper.


John Lynch spent wisely last off-season, he didn’t come on and try to blow people away overpaying for every free agent on the market. He played it smart like a man with job security should. And he played it smart in this deal as well. He got this deal done now , before Drew Brees before Aaron Rodgers before Kirk Cousins and yes before Tom Brady (It’s coming) inked new deals, you may ask yourself why does this matter, trust me it does. Every Agent will walk into negotiations with Garoppolo’s deal in hand and say Seven Starts, while you all know i hold the vice presidency in the Jimmy G fan club i would be crazy if i said i knew he was better than or a safer bet than any of the aforementioned.  Okay yea he’s better than cousins. But bottom line this is only a five year deal, and 70 Million. The Niner’s have plenty of space to continue to build around Garoppolo. And he will be messing with a lot of other teams caps with this deal.


I said when the Patriots traded Jimmy Belichick likes the kid, he did him a solid by sending him to a team were he could succeed, that’s what Bill does, you;re a team guy one of his guys you get that hook up. You’re Welker, ( trust me if Edelman hadn’t gotten hurt Wleker would have rotted on the bench his last year here ) Asante Samuel or Jamie Collins ? you get sent to Siberia. Butler you ride the pine in the Superbowl. Jimmy gets sent to Tom’s hometown and set up for life.


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