Anyone getting tired of Dustin Pedroia’s Leadership Act ? We can go back and rehash what happened with Pedroia tossing Matt Barnes under a bus yelling across the diamond to Manny Machado “It;s not me it’s them” after Barnes had his back and dusted Machado back  after Manny went in spikes high on Pedroia the Friday before knocking him out of the series.

We can go back and discuss the He clapped “I didn’t clap” when David Price squared off with Hall Of Famer Dennis Eckersley on a team flight last season , we could do that, but let’s stick to the issue at hand,,,,


Today on WEEI mid-day Show OMF Pedroia had some choice words to say about former Manager John Farrell  .


Farrell’s approach “would wear on guys” last season.

“The overall approach, every day, would wear on guys,”

“It wasn’t people not liking each other. We all love each other. Trust me. There’s the mindset of, ‘You show up to the yard, you put your work in, you have your approach that day, and you try to execute it. If you don’t, guess what? You’re going to show up tomorrow and still be in the lineup. We’re all going to have confidence in you. We’re all going to show up and try to win and accomplish the same thing.’ That’s what wore on guys and made the season that much more grueling – when everything that day was more magnified…”

More our coach didn’t let us have fun Bull-shit? Pedroia the leader didn’t to anyone’s knowledge address the “ fun Issue “ with Big John Last season but instead chooses to kick a guy when he’s out the door? Maybe he learned this from the Sox front office they’re pretty good at that. ( Remember Bobby V ?) Granted that was Pedroia sticking up for teammate Kevin Youkilis but he didn’t help that clubhouse one bit with his brand of leadership. And now this, I am the last person in the world to defend John Farrell but he did win a World Series and lead this team to back to back AL East Titles. Last i checked this isn’t Little League this is about going to WORK every day. Maybe it;s a good thing Pedroia won’t be in the opening day lineup. Maybe someone else can step up and take a leadership role in the clubhouse, because the Leadership that Dustin has been showing has in this writers opinion been truly lacking.

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