You would be hard pressed to find a greater champion of Danny Amendola than this writer, I was talking about the unknown greatness of Malcolm Butler with my radio partner Steve Balistreri ( who discovered him ) long before any of the mainstream knew his name. You will never hear a bad word about the heart and effort of Dion Lewis pass my lips. Nate Solder will go down as one of the best draft picks in this history of the Bill Belichick era. But, so long thank you for everything you’ve done here.


I am also if nothing a writer who knows a players career is short and when you get the opportunity to make bank you make bank. There are no hard feelings. Go get yours young man, go get paid. I have preached this for as long as i have taken to a keyboard. But this column is not about any of that. It’s about you , yes I’m looking at you over there fumining at Bill Belichick the GM who allowed this 2017 exodus to happen. You all need to read and RELAX,

Randy Moss,Martellus Bennett,Logan Mankins,Deion Branch, Adam Vinatieri,Danny Woodhead,Wes Welker,Legarrette Blount,Shane Vereen, Stevan Ridley and a guy named Drew Bledsoe 

Ring a Bell ?

How about  

Vince Wilfork ,Chandler Jones,Darrelle Revis,Aqib Talib,Jamie Collins,Richard Seymour Lawyer Milloy,Willie McGinest and Ty fucking Law ?

Starting to see where i’m going here ?

All players who were paramount to the success of this franchise over the years. All players with at least one Super Bowl appearance, there is more jewelry on this list than at Cartier. NFL and Patriots Hall of Fame players.All players who Bill the GM chose to move on from for reasons of either. Money – Age – Talent or yes Attitude, and yet this franchise led by Bill the GM continues to win Superbowls: now Five and AFC titles Ten. For seven consecutive years this franchise has played for the AFC championship.Winning four of them and taking two of their five Lombardi trophies back to One Patriots Place. And i’m supposed to lose sleep over Danny Amendola , Dion Lewis , Nate Solder and Malcolm Butler ? My biggest concern with this latest group to go off the reservation is who will return Punts in 2018.

Free agency is just hours old. Stupid money is being tossed around. Bill the GM will do what Bill the GM does every year, wait for the dust to settle and put together another team that Bill the Head Coach will have ready to compete for an AFC title and (more likely than not.) another Superbowl . Please: RELAX, go worry about the Sox


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