Let’s jump into the Wayback machine kids. When Wes Welker left for Denver. 2 years and 12 million dollars. The Patriots moved on Danny Amendola like the Bumpus hound dogs driven made by the smell of Ralph Parkers moms Christmas turkey. Five years 31 Million 10 Million guaranteed. Even after Welker’s Butterfingers incidents Folks around New England were very upset at this turn of events. Danny and Bill yea they were fine with it .

“Blessed. Thankful. Excited to get to work. Go Pats,” Amendola tweeted

I didn’t get a tweet from Bill but i am sure he was dancing on tables because that’s the kind of guy Bill Belichick is.

Times have changed. Now Danny has left the good old U.S. of A  for the country of Florida. He has taken his talents to South Beach armed with a 2 year 12 million dollar chip on his shoulder that he is upset the Patriots AKA Bill Belichick put there when Danny realized  “ he (Bill) wasn’t going to really come close to any of the other offers I had,” .Well what did you expect Daniel?

During a particularly difficult time the Patriots were having offensively last season I asked NBC sports Patriots insider  Mike Giardi why is Danny always the last card Bill plays ? his answer “They are protecting him” Danny also confided in Giardi late in the season He ( Amendola ) thought “ he should be playing more”

But the fact of the matter is Amendola wasn’t playing more and never really could, in five seasons in New England Danny played 16 games once.  More telling is the number of targets he saw in each of those seasons. 83 in season one , 42 in season two ( his only sixteen game season) then 87,29 and 86 last year. We all know why the uptick last season was due to Edelman’s injury. The target numbers are indicative of the amount of time Danny was on the field. Not vary Much.

Now in a much publicized car interview with ESPN Mike Reiss Amendola said “ I gave money back to him so I could play for him and play for my teammates and fulfill my side of the contract, and at the end of the day, I had faith that he was going to give me an opportunity to stay,”

Gave Money Back ? let’s get something straight. You were set to be cut. If there was more cash out there your Agent would have advised you to take it. He wouldn’t have said yes sign this new deal for less, you gave nothing back but blood sweat and tears. Which Patriots nation and your teammates should be eternally grateful for . but without those new deals you agreed to you wouldn’t have been a Patriot.

We all understand the importance of Amendola’s contribution to the Patriots last three Superbowl runs He is arguably one of the most clutch postseason pass catcher in the Brady era. But there were also reasons why he was able to play in those post season games. He was being protected the entire time he wore that uniform.

Anyone who listens to my Podcasts or reads me knows i hated that the Patriots asked him to rework those deals but no one forced him too, if Danny wasn’t okay with it if he or his agent had more money elsewhere there was always a choice. No one forces anyone to be a Patriot. They just don’t have to . so one final time .

Can i get an , Amen-dola ?

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