Many are Shocked by Dave Dombrowski move to cut ties with Hanley Ramirez today. I am not even close to that stage. DFA instead of limited playing time was the way to go, The only way to go .

While Hanley Started out hot as hell, .330/.400/ .474 /. With an .874 OPS he had cooled off like the last ice age over the past 25 games. Batting just .163/.200/300 and a .500 OPS .He was doing nothing in this lineup in the way of production. Christopher Smith of Mass Live wrote just yesterday a batting order shakeup was due. And he was right on the money. And that’s where this gets more intriguing. How would Han-ram handle being moved down to the Six or Seven spot in this batting order? How would he take sitting down to get the more productive Mich Morland into this lineup ? I’m betting nt well , Hanley is one of the most thin skinned players in MLB. Ask any Dodgers writer,

I’ve written many articles about Hanley Ramirez over the years , from his first trade away from the organization that brought back Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell and the forgotten Guillermo Motta to the rumors of his return and finally this small blurb.

Trust me people anything other than Hanley being run out there every day at first and batting in the middle of this lineup would have been an issue. Ramirez would not have taken it well under any circumstance to say the least. But with a 22 million dollar option he was looking to vest? it would have been UGLY. Some will say this team did not get better today. I disagree. An unhappy Hanley in the locker-room would have been catastrophic to this teams chemistry. They need more production out of the number 3 hole than Ramirez can muster at this stage of his career. And Moreland gives them that and a every day Gold Glove to boot. this move makes room for Dustin Pedroia on the active roster. I for one can not wait to see how today’s lineup looks. 


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