Twenty five and sixteen , six and seven in his last eleven starts. Not nearly worth the 217 million dollars Dave Dombrowski gifted David Price before the 2016 season began. I remember that day fondly, i had written a piece that took Dave to task for inking Price to a deal no one was even close to matching, i brought up the ineptitude of Price in the postseason, his weak constitution when it came to being called out by the media and butt hurt feelings when David Ortiz or anyone for that matter admired a Home run for too long. I said he couldn’t handle this market.

Often times i like to say i told you so but not this time, I would have been overjoyed at being wrong about David Price. With a smile on my face i would have eaten plate after plate of crow personally served up to me by Dave Dombrowski and Jared Carrabis, but i wasn’t wrong. Not this time.

Price was brought to Boston to to be an Ace , an Ace. Two plus years into a choke on this contract he has been anything but. Magic Elbow Issues – cold weather – tingles and a lack of positivity from those that objectively cover him have kept him from being everything Dombrowski promised you all.A constant barrage of tweets and interview diarrhea that has flowed from David’s mouth and fingers over the past two plus seasons proves this… In two years Price has gone from one of the most sought after free agents on an open market to becoming someone un-trad-able,no matter how much money is eaten by the Sox. I don’t even think the Dodgers would bite at this point. I have to admit I would welcome back Clay Buchholz to this rotation before sending Price back to the mound.

Price is due 157 million dollars between now and the end of this nightmare. 157 million I would rather have in my back pocket for Xander, Sale and Mookie. I really hate to say i told you so

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